The Dos and Don'ts of Digital Marketing SEO optimisation is important, but in addition, it is necessary to formulate proper online marketing plans

By Chirag Prajapati

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What exactly is digital marketing? Why is it so important in today's world? The answer lies in an age-old quote:

"Man is a social being."

The key to socialise is to share. It may be sharing of thoughts, sharing of ideas, sharing of food, or simply, sharing of emotion. It is because of this basic nature in humans that platforms like Twitter and Facebook have become so famous. In this closer-than-ever world of people, business leaders must understand that to survive, one must adapt. Adapt to newer methods of marketing your products. Here a few tips to help you in digital marketing:

Make a Tactical Plan

A vague idea will not give endurance to a business. Business owners must understand that and plan in unique ways to take their company forward. It is true that SEO Optimisation is important, but at the same time, it is also necessary to formulate proper online marketing plans. Marketing plans must be as such that they are designed for the comfort of the customers. Target audience for a company must be identified based upon which a marketing strategy can be built.

Respect the Customers' Privacy

It is a privilege to have the mailing list of your customer base. As a business owner, you must respect that and teach your team members the same. Do not get involved in making revenue by selling customer mailing lists to any third parties. Good marketing values must be above all else.

Try to Get Listed on Other Websites

Referral traffic is a great way to expand the roots of your online presence. Use tools to manage local listings, like MOZ Local, or Yext. Rather than making use of individual profiles on sites like TripAdvisor and FourSquare, it is easier to be listed on other online platforms. If you want to take your campaign to a national level, even then such referral traffic adds to the credibility of your products and services. This in turn connects you with other industry leaders, hence, chances of your business growing exponentially increases.

Create a Good Content Management System

Update your content regularly. Nowadays blogs set trends locally as well as globally. With platforms like, blogadda, and wordpress, regulating content has becomes easier. It helps in SEO optimisation, along with perks in digital marketing. A good Content Management System must be put into place for a business platform to grow further. Make sure you pay equal attention to all segments involving content like: content on website, marketing e-mails, articles on blogs, posts on social media platforms, and so on.

Understand the Importance of Analytics

Analytics in today's market is very important. You can make use of simple Google Analytics and set specific goals. It is easier to maintain tabs on your goals in this manner. What is cost per acquisition? Use analytics to understand such concepts and let your business grow. When the returns on each and every portion of your investment is tracked and analysed, it is easier to set goals for the future.

Grow your Presence on Social Media

Social media is no less than magic, and business owners should use that magic to its full potential. Simple tweaks like giving catchy titles for blogs, posting interesting content on Facebook gives your online portal an edge over others. Produce content which is original and share on social media platforms. Photographs with good themes, videos with unique messages, help the audience connect with your platform.

Competition is always growing. The same kinds of business enterprises give each other tough competition. For instance, look at TaxiForSure and Ola in India. While the latter's customer base dwindled steadily, Ola managed to grow its business and thrive in the cut-throat competition. Make the best use of resources available to you. Learn how to turn a problem into an opportunity. Make smart choices, and take your company forward.

Chirag Prajapati

Co-founder, Digikonn

Chirag is a Co-Founder of Digikonn, a digital marketing company rendering their services in the areas of branding, contents strategic planning, digital marketing and conversation rate optimisation. Chirag, with an experience of 7+ year in the IT industry as senior digital marketer, has rendered his services to various industry verticals as a digital marketing consultant and thought provoking articles on various channels are there to his credit.

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