Chirag Prajapati

Co-founder, Digikonn

Chirag is a Co-Founder of Digikonn, a digital marketing company rendering their services in the areas of branding, contents strategic planning, digital marketing and conversation rate optimisation. Chirag, with an experience of 7+ year in the IT industry as senior digital marketer, has rendered his services to various industry verticals as a digital marketing consultant and thought provoking articles on various channels are there to his credit.



Here's How Privacy is Threatened by AR/VR

The digital information that one puts online today is practically impossible to be erased from the internet


Four Ways You're Probably Addicted to Virtual Reality Already

The recent advent of VR technologies has led to an increased psychological dependence amongst individuals on such technologies


What are the Legal Issues That Stare at Augmented/Virtual Reality?

VR/AR presents many challenges to the existing doctrines and policies which need to be examined closely to adapt to changing times


Edutainment: How Virtual Reality is Disrupting the Education Sector

Virtual advancements have the capability of making students feeling more dedicated and motivated


The Conformity Stigma: Is Our Virtual Behaviour Impacting the Way We Really Behave?

Research shows that violent experiences in the virtual world may lead to increased aggressive behaviour in the real world too


Winning Virtual Friends and Influencing Virtual People - Guide to Social Influence

Virtual reality presents challenges to people who create the simulations as well as people who spend time using them

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