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The Explosive Rise Of Comprehensive Blockchain Development Solutions For Enterprises Blockchain Development Companies like Antier Solutions aim to decentralize the world and adopt the next wave of digital business through an array of integrated and innovative enterprise Blockchain services

By Sophia Lia

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We are entering the era of Web 3.0 and blockchain-driven decentralized solutions are at the helm of it. Decentralized technology is already a rage through cryptocurrencies in the finance sector. There are more than 100 million blockchain wallet accounts and it is a testimony of the industry's explosive growth.

From streamlining supply chain networks to providing banking solutions, blockchain is growing faster than we all predicted. With backing from companies such as IBM, JP Morgan, Tesla and various governments across the globe, blockchain is here to stay and lead.

Among many others, the technology's key focus areas include Provenance, Identity and Tokenization. That means, products around these 3 objectives are curated to provide a decentralized experience.

According to a report, blockchain's market size could grow at a CAGR of 82.4 per cent from 2021-2028. This will have the support of $16 billion in global investment by 2023.

Over the years, the services sector has mushroomed with many companies in this line of business. However, not many could decipher the criticality of the underlying trustless protocols. Apart from the tech giants like IBM and Microsoft, several emerging companies are leading from the front.

For example, Antier Solutions has grown by leaps and beyond ever since it ventured into blockchain in 2017. The company that started with its signature exchange development services is now offering a comprehensive range of services in its portfolio. These include DeFi, NFTs, Smart Contracting Asset Tokenization, Wallet and a wide range of custom blockchain development.

With an emphasis on building scalable and asset agnostic decentralized apps (d-apps), Antier has gained repute within the blockchain fraternity. Not only has the company's workforce increased from 100 employees to 300+ full-time professionals but also fetched an impressive client-tele all over the map. Not to miss, the company has delivered more than 500 full-scale projects across a variety of products and use cases.

DeFi Development

Decentralized Finance holds the true essence of all blockchain features. To put it simply, it is a financial ecosystem completely governed by code written in smart contracts. Here, the banking services such as lending & borrowing, savings, investment, staking and Yield Farming enable the users to engage over a peer-2-peer network. Some of the applications that fall within this service are DeFi Exchange Development, DeFi Wallet Development, DeFi Staking Protocols and custom DeFi banking solutions. DeFi can cover all services of a traditional bank and provide a comprehensive range of licensed crypto products to institutional, qualified, and professional investors. Besides faster, safer & direct transactions, the DeFi banking platform will:

  • Lower exchange rates & offer low-cost consumer services
  • Ensure democratic access to banking services like savings, prepaid cards, trading and market-making
  • Provide instant loans to businesses willing to raise capital
  • Contribute towards empowering millions of unbanked people in the world.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are the foundation of Ethereum Blockchain and thus, smart contract development becomes an integral part of any Blockchain in general. Smart contracts are essentially agreements between two parties (buyer and seller) that enforce particular rules and terms of negotiation when the certain rules written in codes are executed, resulting in trackable and irreversible transactions. In simpler terms, Smart contacts can be understood as automated "if..then" agreements that eliminate the need for manual interference resulting in more accurate execution.

In addition to Independence and Efficiency, Smart Contracts also help in Speed, Trust & Transparency, Decentralization, and Safety and Security. Since the data is stored in encrypted formats through blockchain's cryptography mechanisms, it becomes impossible to hack or manipulate the data. Smart contracts have the potential to benefit every industry in the market including but not limited to the finance sector, government, insurance, healthcare, etc.

Comprehensive services offered by Blockchain Development Companies span smart contract design, development, auditing, and optimization. These companies utilize Industry-leading platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, and EOS to drive the smart contract development process.

White Label Exchange & Wallet Development

Users are offered a smart trading platform with a customized and scalable white-label exchange that is underpinned by a powerful trading engine, high TPS and liquidity, multi-layer security, and a self-explanatory admin panel and client dashboard.

Antier Solutions' specifically designed services serve the increasing demand for decentralized, centralized as well as P2P exchange development. Users can integrate OTC trading, Margin Trading, and Derivate Trading to further amplify the revenue sources. OTC Trading provides liquidity and eliminates slippage while allowing end-users to transact huge amounts anonymously. As far as Margin trading is concerned, by harnessing Antier Solutions' powerful and advanced trading engine, end-users can go long or short by up to 100 times on a variety of cryptocurrencies. Derivative trading helps to play on speculation and alleviate various risks. Advanced options like Future contracts and Perpetual contracts would further allure more users to the exchange.

Antier Solutions' multi-currency, semi-HD wallet provides secure storage for a range of crypto assets. Presented as a turnkey solution, this provides an additional layer of security to the exchange that it is linked to. It can also be leveraged as a standalone app. The industry-approved security features such as biometric authentication, multi-sign support, and two-factor authentication enhance the inclusive safety of the wallet.


Presently many companies are exploring Blockchain technologies to leverage multi-fold benefits that they provide and stay ahead of the game. Expert Blockchain development companies provide a one-stop solution to them by utilizing years of experience coupled with the deployment of experts and the latest technologies. As brands like Visa, Walmart and IBM have successfully started implementing Blockchain solutions, the key to strategic competitiveness lies in innovation and technological upgradation.

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency is subject to risk and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse any such investment.

Sophia Lia

Editor in chief, Sophia Lia Magazine

Sophia Lia is the creator and editor in chief of Sophia Lia Magazine.

During the pandemic, she noticed everyone, and especially teens, were struggling with mental health issues. She aims to normalise conversation around this stigma through her entrepreneurial venture. 

The former Miss Teenage Central Alberta also has a cruelty-free skincare line.

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