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This APP Helps You Simplify PDF Conversions The Lua app offers a lot of options through a friendly and intuitive interface

By Shishir Jajoo

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It's not easy to find a reliable PDF converter if you don't know where to look for it. There are so many websites out there on the Internet, and the search engines won't always provide you with the best solution possible.

This is where the latest online option, when it comes to PDF converters, Lua online app available at GetLua.com comes in. Though it usually takes some technological effort to convert files to PDF or from PDF, it shall be like a walk in the park with Lua.

Convert in only a few seconds at no cost!

The Lua app simplifies PDF conversions a lot, and it offers a lot of options through a friendly and intuitive interface: convert PDF files to and from other formats, or you can also choose to compress or merge those PDF files.

All of Lua's main conversion options are widely exposed, whether you want to compress a PDF file (the "Compress PDF' option), merge several PDF files (the "Merge PDF' option), convert other file types to PDF (the "JPG to PDF', "Word to PDF', "Excel to PDF', or "PPT to PDF'), or convert PDF files to other formats (the "PDF to PNG', "PDF to JPG', or "PDF to Word'). The entire conversion process is extremely easy and intuitive, and it only takes a few moments to complete. These are the main essential steps needed:

  1. Locate your file or files in your machine.
  2. Drag and drop them directly into the app as you've chosen your preferred option ("Merge PDF', "JPG to PDF', "PDF to Word', etc.)
  3. Wait for the app to do its thing.
  4. Enjoy the outcome

Let's suppose that you have valuable text as a PNG or JPG file, but you need to add it somewhere else as plain text. It would be a little too difficult, especially in the copy-paste era, to manually write that text once again word by word, even from a keyboard. It would definitely be a good spelling exercise, but let's suppose that you need that text as fast as possible. In our current society, time is a luxury we don't have most of the time. That's where the Lua online app can come and turn itself extremely useful by simply transforming your PNG file into a PDF file.Your files are safe

There's no need to worry that anybody else would steal your work as you upload your text files. You could be a talented writer, and you don't want others to see what you've read, which is totally normal. The Lua app got you covered on this one as well, as its developers promise to delete any files from their servers five minutes after the user has uploaded them!

There are also other online PDF converters available on the internet, but few of them turned out to be so reliable and interesting as the Lua app from getlua.com. Looking at how things look right now, we can expect that Lua's popularity will become very prevalent in the near future.

The online Lua app works for both laptops/desktop computers and smartphones. It doesn't matter much if you have an ancient PC packed with an old version of Windows, or even if you're running on other operating systems such as Linux or Mac.

PDF is an extremely reliable format for document files, and for several good reasons. PDF can be accessed from pretty much any device and operating system without the risk of the content getting altered.


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