This Indian-make TV Company Does Not Fear China

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Chinese brands are steadily increasing their presence in the Indian market.They are using innovative marketing tactics to tackle the negative impression over their brands. Some years ago the same chinese brands were referred cheaper and low quality products that wouldn't last for too long.

Noble Tv

However, the Chinese brands also have to face stiff competition not only from international brands but also from some domestic brands. But can these Chinese players actually give Indian brands a run for their money?

In conversation with Entrepreneur India, Sharan Maini, Director, Noble Skiodo talks about the company's further plans, market strategy, and why increasing competition from Chinese brands doesn't bother him.

Explaining the future of technology in India, Maini said " With a large pool of engineers and the help of information technology we foresee, several future technology trends will emerge from India. With reference to the consumer electronics market, India undoubtedly seeks a brighter future".

" We see a drastic shift in the consumer preferences, what was once viewed on a little black and white box has become an on-demand experience on sleek, large flat-screen TV's, high technology smart TVs, UHD 4K TV and rising demand for OLED TVs.Hence its safe to say that the evolving technology is poised to change the way people experience television in the country," he added.

Chinese Brands Are Not A Threat

As India is the fastest growing as well the largest untapped market, several International and Chinese brands are eyeing the markets strongly and also have been struggling to establish a stronger foothold.

According to Maini, Chinese brands have seen huge success in several verticals in India. However, now, we see a shift in the consumer mindset, the growing awareness and the swing in preferences.It has made the consumers well aware about the branded products against the poor quality Chinese products.

" We can definitely say that brands which provide quality products and services at the right price will see success in the medium to long term. We do not see poorly built Chinese products with no service support posing any threat in the medium to long term. With reference to Noble Skiodo, it's quickly scaling up to the competition with quality, affordability & innovation in its products through exclusive technologies with several patents in the low-cost segments," he said.

What's Your Unique Selling Proposition?

It is increasingly difficult to claim a unique feature for any product or service. Noble Skiodo was the first brand to introduce Bluetooth enable LED TVs to the consumer at an affordable price, which was not even the part of industry price brackets.

" Today most of our LED TVs have unique features such as USB to USB data transfer, inbuilt games, inbuilt equaliser and amplifier are found on our Non –smart TVs. When it comes to Smart TVs they have inbuilt memory and comes with consumer friendly apps such as Google play, Netflix and Miracast. All smart TVs are also Wi-Fi enabled and come with wireless/ dual side remote and QWERTY REMOTE which works via Bluetooth connectivity for inputting content in the various application, all this and much more smartens up to Smart TV," he explained.

The company further on also plans to launch Miracast enabled non-smartTV which will be the first time in India.

Strategy To Win Over Customers

Maini believes the E-commerce industry in India is growing at a tremendous rate in a short period of time. The company has already laid out a strategic plan to expand the offline presence in the country.

" We have started approaching retail chains and slowly building our presence in the offline stores as well aiming to further expand our offline presence across various states in India.As our products provide a great value proposition, the retailers are showing acceptance to the brand. We think our online to offline strategy will work positively and are also bundling our TV with other products," he said.