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This Ed-tech Platform is Easing the Admission Process for Kids The hassle for parents to enroll kids in schools gave Tulika Nagar the idea to start up a new venture

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Horrendous outcome of the theory of demand and supply is the perpetual struggle to fetch information about a school. Well this is the reality of modern India. Let's discuss how an innovative app be of help in this taming of a mammoth. The hassle for parents to enroll kids in schools gave Tulika Nagar the idea to start up a new venture. With a vision to reduce difficulties and provide delight during the admission process for parents, Nagar created a platform that bridges the gap between parents and schools. "It is the first and most critical decision for any child to start the right school, and we aim to make it a delightful experience for them," said Nagar, who launched an ed-tech platform 'KidStart' in 2016.

In a chat with Entrepreneur India, the Co-founder of KidStart, Tulika Nagar shed light on her vision for the new venture and shared how technology is creating a huge difference in the education sector.

Making the Search for Schools Easier

The ed-tech sector has witnessed a splurge in investments since the beginning of 2017. A large number of entrepreneurs are venturing into this space as the ed-tech is expected to see a potential growth in the coming years. Focusing on the uptrends suggested by industry experts in the education sector, Nagar decided to launch a one-of -its-kind ed-tech startup that could provide an information to parents for the best rated schools within their vicinity for toddlers till primary classes.

Talking about the ultimate objective for the organization, Nagar said, "Our aim is to become the India's most preferred platform to find a school for kids with proper information." The platform is an online hunt for schools which would help solve the problems of parents sitting at their home/office to get the right school for their kids.

While speaking about the challenges she faced while setting up the business, she said, "To obtain data of right schools was the biggest challenge. But thanks to our data team for having done it in the best way possible."

Growth of Ed-tech in India

As the ed-tech sector has gauged the interest of a lot of private equity and venture capitalist firms, Sequoia India and Bertelsmann India Investments are a few to name who are keen on investing in the ed tech. provides every bit of information to parents about the best schools present within their proximity. From the location to the facilities provided by schools for kids, the company gives an access to users for everything. Talking about the revenue model of the company, Nagar said the large revenue is expected to come from the events company will undertake in schools very soon. She further added that the events will definitely help the company build its sustainable financial growth.

Manifesting her optimism for the bright future of the company, she signed off saying, "We see as India's preferred/leading platform to address Students' connect with right school."

The company has also launched its app, which has garnered the interests of many users.

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