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This Platform Is Grammarly For Data Privacy is working towards enabling users with one-click encryption and simplifying data privacy and cyber security

By Deep Baliyan

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(L-R) Neha Tiwari & Pramod Misra

If you ever happened to write content, you might know how crucial Grammarly is to make it error-free. Similarly,, the best data protection company, is crucial for privacy compliance. Although both have entirely different functioning, their strategic approach is where they coincide.

Curious about knowing more? Stick to this article until the end! In it, we will describe in detail how as Grammarly for Data Privacy has made data protection easier, swifter, and much more manageable, as Grammarly has made grammar checking. Without further ado, let's dive right into it! started in 2021 when big names like Meta, LinkedIn, and even Microsoft faced severe privacy issues and data breaches. The question stood why was this happening despite having links with highly sophisticated names in the cyber security companies?

It was later narrowed down that these aspects should have focused on the essential encryption control of employees and their data sharing. This was when came into the picture.

The Starting Point of

One interesting observation in most of the 2021 breaches was that they were initiated with employee access or on document sharing. While companies spend Millions of shareholders' dollars on buying sophisticated cybersecurity solutions, they still need to implement essential encryption control for their employees & document sharing.

This discovery was the starting point of, and it was when the company started building solutions that are simple, easy to implement and make encryption simple for anyone. This company is founded by two amazing people Pramod Misra and Neha Tiwari. Pramod Misra has extensive expertise in data science and machine learning. Neha Tiwari is an expert in privacy and software development. They were also selected for the CreateX program, Google cloud startup program and Microsoft startup as well. as Grammarly for Data Privacy

Grammarly has plugins for several frequently used apps like Microsoft Word, Outlook, Gmail, and more. as Grammarly for Data Privacy is aimed to provide similar convenience. will soon launch machine learning-based add-ons targeting essential apps and websites as Grammarly does.

The apps mentioned above and websites are used by 75 per cent of the world's workforce. With much necessary documentation happening on it, and essential data transferring through them, all kinds of privacy must be maintained. Understanding this, Unifi has developed bundles of handy features and has proven itself the best alternative to those pricey and slow-operating data protection services.

The Similarities in the Strategical Approach of Grammarly and

Above we have mentioned a few aspects in which and Grammarly find similarities; let's now talk in detail about their similar approach and significance.

  • No Collection of Data

Grammarly has a robust data protection approach, ensuring it doesn't collect data. Similarly, the strongly believes in the no data storage policy. Hence, not only will it protect your documentation and work from hackers, it guarantees its users to not store it with them at any cost.

The avoidance of data collection by will make the service one of the best in business and something many people would feel safe opting for.

  • Affordable Prices

Another aspect people look towards when opting for service other than safety is affordability. In this age of time, several data protection services industries out there in the market charge users way more than they can afford. On the other hand, while there are free services, their security measures are even poorer than the paid ones.

Hence, kept the user budget in mind and created a service that isn't only pocket-friendly but would ensure high-quality data protection as well. The same is true with Grammarly, which stands out as an affordable grammar-checking software.

Great Customer Support

Customers want easy interaction and quick replies when subscribing to a service. Stiff attitudes and unapproachable contact between any service and customer are deemed unrespectful by the user and most likely to turn them off.

Just like Grammarly, understands that its customers are its asset; hence, the company has a solid mutual respect approach towards all who come. Not only will our customers be catered to with care, but their customer service providers will be available to guide you in case of a mishap.

  • Protect Business Reputation

We all know Grammarly works to make content error-free and worth presentable to help different blogs and websites build a better reputation by providing flawless information. Similar is the case with

Understanding that companies with a better security and data protection system are always deemed high in the eyes of investors and other business prodigies. Unifi ensures solid employee document safety to level up your company's reputation in the business world by a considerable margin.

  • Use of Machine Learning & AI

Both Grammarly and offer services using Natural language processing; this is why is named Grammarly for Data Privacy. With Grammarly, you have to upload content, and the suggestions will pop up within a few seconds. Moreover, these get updated every time you accept a suggestion.

The convenience is not different in the case of Suppose you are using any MS office document, pdf or google Docs. In that case, plugins will identify all PII (Personally identifiable information like Name, Credit card number, SSN etc.) through its ML models and highlight it. It will also alert the admin about this exposure and encrypt (auto/Manual) all such information. So you do not need to be a privacy expert to use, and the plug-in will do all the heavy lifting. dominates over its typical competitor, which does not have any such solution. can perform these tasks with just a click. Moreover, users can also benefit from one-click encryption to get simplified data privacy and cyber security.

Long story short, it makes the best alternative to those complicated data protection services which indulge in a series of steps to acquire privacy compliance.

Conclusion is bound to become a great tool, given its many benefits. However, while its benefits are one aspect, is also working towards enabling users with One-click encryption and simplifying data privacy and cyber security. Getting your hands on this service will prove to be your best bet!
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