Top 4 Mobile App Design Trends That Will Lead in 2017 With just a few days left to the year's end, Enterprise mobility has something more advanced and exciting to watch out for 2017.

By Vivek Kushwaha

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Going beyond the use of just making phone calls or sending a text, Smartphones are somewhere mostly connected with our soul. The booming rise of smartphones is just because these devices fulfill our day-to-day requirements easily. The innovation in the design of mobile apps took center stage in 2016! With just a few days left to the year's end, Enterprise mobility has something more advanced and exciting to watch out for 2017. Of course, the vast landscape of mobile app design is hard to predict, therefore we have jotted down the most unexpected trends that are increasingly about to roll in 2017. Saying, what trends will come forth and what not, let's take a sneak peek.

Upgraded UI for Gestures

The addition of new and interesting gestures gives super power to your mobile application in terms of usability, retention and UX. The success of a mobile app significantly depends on how well gestures are implemented in user experience. 2017 will be the year when professionals will be adding some new gestures that will make the app content-focused, improve interaction and will enable speed in user action. By 2017, UX professionals will be implementing Tamagotchi gestures throughout the design which will bring about the much needed human touch. Gesture interactions have an increased potential to make mobile experiences interesting than ever.

Wearable technology rules over

Though the market for fitness wearable and smart watches were low in the past year, however, the adoption rate of wearable devices in the market is way more. Apple watch is an excellent example of wearable technology that has already taken our hearts with various compatible app. Developers too will have an added advantage in this segment because wearable features a lot of room for improvisation.

Fitness sensors and sports oriented gadgets are also getting great responses from people. The coming year is expected to bring the substantial evolution of the technology.

Adaptive Typography will dominate

2017 is going to be the bright year of Typography. Since long, mobile app design has been focusing on issues like navigation, layouts, content type and so on. Typography was nowhere seen in the picture. Now, the case is reversed.

The use of Typography will now be used for enhancing user experience. The major focus for this year will be attention to the type of font used, space between letters, hierarchy between headlines and patterns. This shift in the design changes will definitely improve the readability of content.

Material design- Back to Pavilion

Material design will continue to remain the evergreen trend maintaining its eccentricity in the app market. This trend came into picture with the intent of simplifying user engagement with various mobile platforms. Most of the applications delivered by Google are designed on the same concept. Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube and many more are examples of the same. These applications are available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Designing for better future!!

What we have covered here are the UI/UX design trends that will surely define the future of mobile app design in the coming years. These trends revolve more around the enhanced user experience, better interface and bridging the gap between virtual and realm. In order to sustain in this quick-growing market, enterprises need to adapt to the changing design to foster innovation.

Vivek Kushwaha

Online Marketing Manager at Sparx IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

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