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Why Metro Cities Need Digitized Parking Solutions And Safe Parking Spaces As things stand, 30 per cent of traffic jams across metro cities can be attributed to limited parking spaces. On top of this is the safety issue in parking areas

By Amit Lakhotia

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The problem of limited parking spaces is a very relevant issue for the present generation. A rapid rise of urban population in tandem with a growing number of car owners has caused an unprecedented strain on parking spaces. As such, it is a common sight to see vehicles outnumbering parking spaces, especially in metro cities. Now, people have to spend more than ten minutes in the quest for a safe parking space, incurring stress and unnecessary fuel wastage along the way.

As things stand, 30 per cent of traffic jams across metro cities can be attributed to limited parking spaces. On top of this is the safety issue in parking areas. Therefore, the situation calls for urgent remedy, and the same is actionable in the form of digitized parking solutions.

Why digitized parking solutions?

Digitization of parking service is the need of the hour for modern Indians. With digitized parking solutions, people can discover parking spaces, book slots and pay digitally. This is the only solution that can help commuters cut down the time spent in search of parking spaces, especially at busy locations. More than ever, offices and businesses require parking spaces that are clean and well-maintained. To that end, with digitized parking solutions, people in offices and workplaces can pull in and out of parking spaces characterized by convenience and contactless solution.

But, why go digital? The answer is simple. With a fully integrated digitized parking solution, citizens can permanently leave behind stress and wastage of fuel and time, thereby enjoying a seamless experience when commuting. One big issue with traditional parking practice is that there is no interface between commuters and the people or organizations that can provide parking space. This is where digitized parking enters the scene and brings together space providers and mobile citizens.

Safe parking during and beyond the COVID-19 era

The government is pursuing its strategic unlock phases and slowly withdrawing lockdown directives to restore normalcy and economic functionality. People are to return to normal daily functions, which imply that there will be re-continuation of movement and traffic across cities. However, this bid to restore normal lives does not mean the threat of COVID-19 is wholly obliterated. Instead, the case is otherwise, and extreme caution on social distancing will continue to take precedence.

That is to say that safety concerns will still be the driving force of the day. To that end, digitized parking solutions will ensure that people navigate their cities risk-free, not imposing risk of infection to others or to themselves. Furthermore, the lustre with digitized parking solution is that there is a broad scope for contactless interaction between customers and service providers. And this solution allows the parking space to be managed in an institutionalized manner, thereby exerting maximum safety protocols in the parking ecosystem.

Digitized parking solutions primarily entail an app-based functionality that users can employ to search and book a parking slot, and pay for the same in a contactless manner through smartphones. One interesting feature of the package is that users can even book a slot in advance and avail of the parking service in an optimized manner. This flexibility can come handy for people with tight schedules. Moreover, digitized parking is a boon even from an environmental perspective since it helps facilitate parking in a sustainable manner, and helps reduce environmental degradation caused by parking-induced congestion. Thus, apart from car owners, these solutions can also help cities and authorities plan for better, carefully-planned and more sustainable development of the region.

Even if we look away from the convenience dimension, there is still a lot more to the significance of contactless parking solution. As things stand, safety and hygiene measures are not going to take the back seat anytime soon, and zero-contact parking solution will be an integral part of daily lives in the post-COVID-19 era.

Amit Lakhotia

Founder & CEO, Park+

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