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Is the Opposition Right This Time? Are SMEs Overburdened after Demonetization and GST?

With increasing documentation under the GST, many SMEs are finding it difficult to focus on productive work, being overburdened with the regulatory work of filing taxes

Growth Strategies

Here's Why Investors Believe that Funding Sick Start-ups too Can be a Smart Move

"Big companies have the strength of tech and human resources and a vast customer network that start-ups need"


Freedom from Corruption: Modi's Year in Review

"In the long run, these policy reforms are certain to make the industry more transparent, which will boost investors' confidence in India"


How This Payment Gateway Aims to be the Big Fish in Fintech Pond

In today's cut-throat competition among increasing number of fintech start-ups, the challenge is also to stay relevant


How Are NBFCs Racing Past the Hurdles on Their Tracks

The biggest risk NBFCs face is making sure that the loan is paid back in absence of verification data from most borrowers


India's Payment Man Says He will Stick to His Forte

Vijay Shekhar Sharma has launched yet another product for Indian customers called Digital Gold


Cash On Delivery, The UPI Solution

'Logistics companies must invest in card machine terminals and train their delivery boys on how to use them'

Starting a Business

This Entrepreneur Expounds On Two Key Issues In E-Payment Sector

In the past two years, India has witnessed an exponential increase in digital payments.


Your Digital Wallet is Not Hacked if Your Money Got Debited But Not Credited

When it comes to money, any technical glitch is often perceived as a big issue.


"It's An Opportune Time For Indian VCs"

Entrepreneur asked Gabe Turner, Executive Director at Draper, as to what brought about this strategic alliance in India, which is seemingly recovering from a funding slowdown.

Growth Strategies

Access to Finance: The Biggest Hurdle for SME Growth

Smaller businesses tend to depend more on cash dealings and many habitually are poor record keepers.

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World Bank Chief Echoes Indian Prime Minister on Demonetization

In her interview, she has compared Modi's decision to the European Union.


How Fintech Is Increasing Financial Inclusion after Demonetisation

We expect there to be 70 crore Indians using the internet by 2020.

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VC Investments in India and the US are Different

The investors were planning to invest in start-ups in dollars but now they are doing it in rupees.

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Demonetization No Care! 'India Consumers Most Confident Globally'

Despite many economists' negative responses against Narendra Modi's move to demonetizing INR 500 & INR 1,000 notes, the Indian consumers yet have proven they believe in India's Prime Minister.