International Yoga Day


International Yoga Day 2023: 4 Ways To Blend Physical Wellness with Corporate Culture

In today's day and age, work is not only about completing tasks and achieving targets but doing so in the most efficient and resourceful manner. It is especially relevant for today's workforce that works in a multicultural and multilingual environment. Here are 4 ways to achieve this positive blend by using the power of yoga.


On International Yoga Day, The Amazing Story Of How This Yogini Overcame A Fractured Back

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, yoga expert Sunaina Rekhi told us how she came to be associated with the practice of yoga, what difference it has made in her life and how this ancient practice can help us.


Coronavirus: Perform These 14 Yoga Asanas and Stand United with PM Narendra Modi in Fighting This Pandemic

Yoga has always been India's way to perform fitness for ages. Its lockdown time and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is here for the rescue


#5 Yoga Poses to Lower Hypertension & Get Relieved of Work Load

Stress, anxiety, and workload are the major culprits when it comes to high blood pressure and here's how you can lower it seamlessly


Wonders Yoga Can do, Specially For Entrepreneurs

On World Yoga Day, let's look at the numerous ways it can help to reduce stress and prove beneficial in the long run


Why Yoga Is Crucial For Entrepreneurs More Than Anyone

We bring you the exact procedure of the breathing exercises to rejuvenate you and keep you fresh throughout the day and give you a long life at the same time


This Yogapreneur is Bringing Innovation in the Age-old Practice

With over 25 different forms of yoga and 122 meditation therapies, the company has gained a lot of traction in four years

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Why Every Entrepreneur Must Embrace Yoga

Yoga could help us manage energies and convert negative energies into positive ones.


4 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From This Yogapreneur

Dr. Smita Gautam's entrepreneurial journey is an inspiring story for every entrepreneur.