Why Every Entrepreneur Must Embrace Yoga

Yoga could help us manage energies and convert negative energies into positive ones.

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Instead of calling myself an entrepreneur of an emerging edtech organization, I would like to call myself an edupreneur. And as an edupreneur dedicated to bring about an affirmative change in the education system, I try to practice what I preach. We, at Next Education have designed our Yoga curriculum following the NCERT guidelines and on the occasion of International Yoga Day we have released a preview of the Yoga curriculum on our social media channels.


As the Bhagavad Gita teaches us that "Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self" we at Next Education would like to embark on the healthy journey with students by our side. Yoga as a way of life can be embraced by people of any age. Both I, an edupreneur, and a student face a lot of stressful situations in our life, which affect our perception, observation and expression. However, stress is a part and parcel of our life and it can also help us to reform our lives in a positive way. Stress could give us the much-needed boost in our life, and we could continue working hard to attain our targets without being disheartened by failures. Yoga could help us manage energies and convert negative energies into positive ones.

Four Different Sources of Energy

The first is food, of the right quality and quantity. The second is sleep, adequate and sound. The third is a meditative state of mind. The fourth is the most important one — the breathing technique. 90% of the impurities in our system can be exhaled out of our body and hence, it is important we get our breathing techniques right. Every time we exhale, we get rid of carbon dioxide and other toxins, and our blood gets purified.

Proper breathing is the link between our body and mind. For every emotion, there is a corresponding rhythm in the breath. The breathing pattern is different for one who is depressed, unhappy, anxious and tense. The mind oscillates between the past and the future. This continuously produces toxins in the body. Practicing breathing techniques like pranayama is the key to eliminate these toxins and harmonize emotions.

Yoga is Important for this Generation

The ancient Vedic or Yogic system formulated breathing and other exercises which release tension and improve alertness and awareness. However, neither at home nor in school, were our generation given guidance to manage our emotions. Thus, I feel it is very important to teach our children how to handle their negative feelings and emotions such as anger, jealousy and hatred. Yoga could be an effective emotion management tool.

Entrepreneurs Need Yoga

Speculation and uncertainty continuously plague businessmen and entrepreneurs. Unlike the older generation who set their business on conventional ideas, today the young entrepreneurs have decided to tread the road not taken. And, every day there are faced with new challenges. In such a scenario, they need to manage their energies well in order to innovate. Yoga could help them manage their stress and help them achieve success.

A mix of creativity, right attitude and the ability to manage stress is crucial to attain a harmonious self. Everybody needs to meditate regularly, and every six months we need to recharge ourselves and reflect on the context of our life so that we are able to see the bigger picture of life. This would provide us, entrepreneurs, with creativity, inner strength and enthusiasm.