Beas Dev Ralhan

Co-Founder & CEO - Next Education India Pvt. Ltd.


News and Trends

Challenges In Implementing the National Education Policy 2020

Although the NEP 2020 aims to bring a holistic change in the education system of India, there are substantial challenges, both quantitative and qualitative, in implementing the reforms

Growth Strategies

5 Ways To Engage Students In Online Teaching

Online learning approach is new for both teachers and students and they are facing challenges in collaborating

News and Trends

Post-COVID-19: How Edtech's Approach Will Alter To Online

Considering the current situation, edtech companies have come up with various online solutions to ensure that academic operations are carried out without any impediments.


Schools are Reforming Their Infrastructure by Using ERP Solutions

As the requirements of school administration are changing gradually, ERP solution providers are trying to come up with unique school management features


How Edtech Solutions are Building a Productive Digital Space for Millennials

E-learning has done away with useless frames and given students the ability to learn anywhere, anytime


Five Professional Lessons Learnt From My Dad

At times university degrees cannot teach you what elders can teach because there is no better collage than experience and today we bring you a compilation of few such tips

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