Post-COVID-19: How Edtech's Approach Will Alter To Online Considering the current situation, edtech companies have come up with various online solutions to ensure that academic operations are carried out without any impediments.

By Beas Dev Ralhan

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As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise, the government has imposed a nationwide lockdown to control the spread of the virus, resulting in an unprecedented disruption to the economy. As a result, schools have been shut and all academic operations have been temporarily suspended, thus causing an unpredictable delay in beginning the new academic session and continuing academic tasks. Schools are struggling to ensure uninterrupted learning and seamless academic operations, which is only possible with the intervention of technology. Considering the current situation, edtech companies have come up with various online solutions to ensure that academic operations are carried out without any impediments.

Offline to Online Transition Facilitated By Edtech Companies

COVID-19 has enabled the education sector to realize the potential of digital learning. Edtech companies can help schools in online teaching-learning processes and academic operations by delivering efficient and user-friendly tools and platforms. Bearing in mind the challenges that schools are facing due to the lockdown, edtech companies have launched online classes, live doubt-clearing sessions, learning management systems, mobile applications, e-books, tablets and many other learning tools and platforms. These will empower educators to revolutionize the way they teach and carry out academic operations, moving from a traditional classroom-based model to an interactive online classroom model.

Edtech companies are offering online classes to create a virtual classroom environment by connecting teachers and students remotely. This will empower teachers to connect with students and conduct live classes and doubt-clearing sessions. One of the noted advantages of leveraging solutions offered by edtech companies is the top-notch data security, which is minimal or nearly absent in free resources and platforms. Unique login credentials for students and teachers ensure that outsiders do not use the resources.

Not only online classes, edtech companies are also offering comprehensive solutions that meet all the academic needs, such as assignments, online tests, evaluations and more, through learning management systems. Digital solutions simplify the academic operations and empower teachers to assign homework and conduct and evaluate assignments within the safety of their homes, thus making online teaching-learning a collaborative and interactive process.

Therefore, edtech companies are doing their best to add an edge to learning by serving the needs of students and teachers without compromising their health and safety. Many edtech companies have taken proactive measures by offering free online classes, providing e-books and question banks, and conducting online assessments, to ensure that learning is not hindered amidst the coronavirus crisis.

Tapping the Right Opportunities

However, the question that is being discussed is, will digital learning still be encouraged after the lockdown is lifted or will edtech companies come up with a different model?

Given that the focus has been on offline education, it is believed that a combination of online and offline learning may rule the education system. Considering the benefits of this approach for both students and teachers in terms of skill development, personalized learning, 21st century pedagogy and effective utilization of time, educators and schools may adopt it. In the long run, this approach will help teachers design pedagogies that help shift the focus from rote learning to interactive syllabus and holistic development of students. This can only be achieved by partnering with edtech service providers, who aim to bring in disciplined online education.

While edtech solutions in digital learning were only an alternative till now, they have now become an indispensable part of the education system. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, the edtech sector will witness significant growth.

To aid classroom learning and make education more meaningful for students, schools and edtech companies should join hands. Schools should steadily adopt online learning solutions coupled with the traditional classroom approach. Digital solutions such as flipped classroom, which focuses on student engagement, active learning and learning management systems, and creates a collaborative learning environment and keeps all stakeholders, including teachers, parents and students connected, will make learning more inclusive.

When things return to normal post-COVID-19, the education industry is likely to be driven by edtech platforms, making education more accessible to students. Such solutions ensure that students learn, despite any hindrance, and even when they are not able to go to school. Moreover, digital platforms are a blessing for teachers to make learning more interesting and inclusive and carry out academic tasks with much ease.

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Beas Dev Ralhan

Co-Founder & CEO - Next Education India Pvt. Ltd.

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