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Five Professional Lessons Learnt From My Dad At times university degrees cannot teach you what elders can teach because there is no better collage than experience and today we bring you a compilation of few such tips

By Beas Dev Ralhan

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My father is my biggest inspiration. The idea of starting my own venture was also inspired by his entrepreneurial endeavors. My father was an entrepreneur, and when I looked at how he ran his business, it encouraged me to start my own. I too wanted to see something of my own take shape from an idea to a reality. This dream helped me create and nurture Next Education. The most important person behind the success of my venture is my father. There are a couple of things which my father asked me to follow when I started off, and these helped me build the organisation. However, the things that he asked me not to do are the reasons why I have been able to retain it.

Do Not Neglect Health

Health is wealth. This is not just a proverb but a success mantra. One can build wealth, enjoy life and do everything else that he or she wants to only when they are healthy. My parents have always been very careful about our health, both mine and my brother's. And even today, my father advises me not to neglect my health. I am aware that I am not as healthy as I should be, but because of his constant push, I get into fitness routines frequently.

Don't Be Impatient

My father has always told me that making money is easy but to build something sustainable and scalable is not. If one wants to achieve the latter, they should have infinite amount of patience. As an entrepreneur today, I realise how true his words are! Ever since I started Next Education, I knew that it would take me time to establish it as a sustainable and successful organisation. In this journey, his words of wisdom helped me move forward, even during times of hardship and difficulty, with patience and diligence. His constant advice to me is that there is no substitute for hard work, and I diligently follow it every day of my life.

Don't Ignore your Family

I am a workaholic just like my father. However, I have also seen him devote enough time to the family. We always had him around us during our growing-up years. Now when I look back, I feel that his presence played a significant role in making me the person that I am today. Thus, no matter how busy I am, I make sure that I spend enough time with my wife and daughter. I believe in keeping my family happy. Only when things are fine at home, can I concentrate on work. My family is my strength.

Customers - Nothing but God

After family, the most important aspect of my life are my customers. At Next Education, we not only believe in making excellent products and innovating out-of-the-box solutions that make learning an interesting process, but we also ensure that our customers have a great time using them. Though minor technical glitches and logistical issues occur anyway, we try to mitigate them in the shortest possible time. Thus, we have always emphasised on after-sales services, and over the years, our service and support team has been lauded time and again by our customers.

Never Judge People by Their Appearance

My father had advised me to never judge people by their appearance. He would always say that the true value of a person goes deeper than how he looks or what he wears. . I have imbibed this principle as well from him. Most days I come to office in chappals and T-shirt, and never have I thought that I would not be taken seriously because of the way I am dressed. I try to follow this advice of my father while conducting all my affairs.

There is a lot more that I have learnt from my father. His love and compassion towards me makes me a better person, and I am grateful for being blessed with a father like him.

Beas Dev Ralhan

Co-Founder & CEO - Next Education India Pvt. Ltd.

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