How Women of India are Balancing as a Founder/Entrepreneur?

Women founders have to come up with a magic routine in such a way that she is neither late for her kids nor for her client

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By Naval Goel • Feb 2, 2019 Originally published Feb 2, 2019


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How women of India is balancing as a founder/entrepreneur?

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Women are the best example if you want to learn to balance in your life. From corporate world rulers to freelancers to house makers, every woman plays many roles at one time. Today, women are changing in every aspect. From earth to mars women are marking their existence. We often came across statements like this is the 21st century and with the development of the world things have become much easier for women to manage and they get more advantages as compared to other people. But grass on the other side is not always greener. Most of the women have to sacrifice many things in order to maintain a balance between their work and life. No doubt it is quite thrilling and full of excitement to be in charge of a great team, be responsible for the growth of the business of a company and to take business-changing decisions. But, what about a personal life that is left behind in the race of becoming a women founder, what about a family that relies on you not only for economic support but also for emotional and mental support every time. It is a matter of great balance in between every aspect of life and work.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities

Women were thought to be a week in past times and even today, not everyone accepts it that women are capable of doing everything. In past women were supposed to be negligible of knowledgeable fields like politics, business, economics, and science. So, keeping in mind the past and present scenario women founders have to work extra hard in every aspect to maintain their existence and to prove that they are capable of managing everything.

If a woman is newlywed than she has another fight to win! At one side she has all new circumstances and new people to jell with. Women after leaving her parent's house for marriage face great transformation in terms of adjustment with new family members and new responsibilities. It is an art to manage things in such a way that even after everything is new, a girl transforms into strong women and take charge of a complete family of her husband's family.

A woman has to mound herself as per Like disciplines of her new family as per them in many ways. Then there comes the work life. Women founders have a set of responsibility at a workplace and office work requires plenty of hard working hours off the clock. Even if one is not at the office, blame or praise the technology that you have to be 24*7 available on phone calls, messages or email for all unspoken query or workload.

Imagine a scenario of a family dinner. All family members are sitting and having great family time, just then the man of the family got a call from the office and he has to sit for finishing up all the work related work. It will be quiet normal and other family members will be worried about his dinner skip. For the same scenario, imagine that the lady of the house got the same call and she has to skip the dinner. More than the concern about dinner there will be questions about the priority and choice preferences of that lady! But, a woman is so strong that she accepts everything in the best possible way with wide arms that she turns everything in her favour if it is not!

Women founders have to come up with a magic routine in such a way that she is neither late for her kids nor for her client. It is obviously not an option to leave your family and kids for the work but same as that, it is not valid to leave work for family and kids until and unless it is not the last option.

There is a constant race of personal and professional life which is quite challenging, exhausting but at the end, the self-satisfaction, confidence and a sense of self-sustainability are the goals that women want to achieve as a reward. Support system at house and workplace, an understanding spouse, spirit of facing all odds and never losing hope lead the success path of working women.

What three things high-powered women need to know about achieving work-life balance?

  • Define it according to yourself: What is the meaning of balance? Don't ask anyone else about it. It's not a one size fit strategy, every woman carries different ways of managing their work, difficulties, daily issues, etc. It is your duty to define your motives along with all the issues and then find the way to it on your own.

  • With the help of a calendar-year view: Those women who are the founder of any accounting or finance industry then the month of April will be the busiest one. You have to balance not only in terms of hours, days, the week you should also look for the months and year. That's why the calendar view is a necessary thing for women founders. If you are aware that June will be busy then some buffer for the next two months. It is hard for women with kids to manage everything, to prioritize things according to work and family both. But with systematic planning, you can attain the same.

  • No one will provide work-life balance. You must look for it. You have to teach people how to treat you. If you are available 24*7 on emails and work calls then don't forget that that's going to be the expectation. So take responsibility for creating a work life that works for you. Go on vacation. Set email boundaries.

Execs she works with might say, "You can send me an email, but I'll respond tomorrow morning."

We all know that working women have to go through a lot in this world. But, have you ever thought about the women founders? Don't always see the bright side, becoming a women founder comes with several responsibilities and cons as well.

Having such talent to manage everything makes women stronger and such women have the capabilities of becoming a successful founder/entrepreneur.

Naval Goel


Naval Goel is the CEO of

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