The Rise of Women Entrepreneurship in India

Women have started to realise their power and exploring different ways to pursue their passion

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By Naval Goel

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Women who seem to be limited to their home in the old days are now exploring the world of entrepreneurs. They come out as a strong contender with several leadership qualities which make them perfect to rule the entrepreneur's world. In recent years, there is a rise in the graph of women entrepreneurship in India. And now, Indians can proudly say that women entrepreneurship is not an obscure concept any longer at least in our country.

Well, known leaders such as Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochar paved way for other women to come out and start something of their own and can easily become an independent entity which can not be undermined by gender politics or any kind of partiality. In the last few years, women of India has already comprised almost 30per cent corporate senior management positions. It might seem a small percentage but this number is continually rising.

Nowadays, women have started to realise their power and exploring different ways to pursue their passion and there are many examples of the same where we can see the rise of the women entrepreneurship easily.

Women Empowerment

Several different renowned organizations are taking several steps towards women empowerment and many women founders are already breaking the societal norms by becoming successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship in the country has seen a great rise in the number of women as founders and those who are helping others in the building large business.

If we talk about 2012, after which the nation noticed rise on a great scale, the number of women applicants for registration, especially in the tech sector was around 2-3 per cent of 300-400 applications. Since then, the number keeps on rising to 8-10 per cent that comprises of 750-800 applications. Women are proving themselves at each and every front of their career whether it is in the corporate world or any other industry or work.

Successful women entrepreneurs and subject matter experts who have created a very strong knowledge pool are helping innovators to shape ideas into reality.

People should always support women entrepreneurship and women empowerment.
Today's women want to break the predetermined roles and look forward to having a founder's hat. And, the country is with them, who want to work hard and come out as great personalities and innovators. Women are now embarking on the fulfilling path of entrepreneurship. In India, the number of female founders is rising and we should be proud of our women.

Talking about the global level, around 126 million women are running their own business and 8 million of them are in India only.
Around 37 per cent of formal enterprises are owned by women globally and 10per cent of them are in India.

Reasons - Rise of women entrepreneurs:
– Changed perception of entrepreneurship
– Access to quality education
–Social acceptance of women entrepreneurship
– Better infrastructure, with great technology
Even though the growth rate is high, still there are several challenges such as access to technical and financial assistance, family responsibilities, gender policies, lack of e-service options and competition from the male-dominated sector, which need to bring under control. We should promote women entrepreneurship and women empowerment for a better tomorrow.

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