New-age Edupreneur The company has set lofty goals for the future as the company wants to emerge as an education leader, expand into suburban, rural, and remote areas, make education accessible for learners across the country, scale the platform into an education giant

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Infinity Learn
Sushma Boppana, Founder and Director, Infinity Learn

Born into the family that built Sri Chaitanya, Sushma's parents had been instrumental in changing the perception of education in India. She believes that she received encouragement and support from her parents that were crucial for her aspirations and dreams. Following a brief stint at a job and the completion of her education in the USA, she came back to India to take the reins of Sri Chaitanya. "After a few years I realized how important children's education is and decided to align my focus on schools and started putting all my efforts and energies into empowering children, especially girl children who need much of the support for a holistic development of their personality," said Sushma.

The education sector is slowly shifting to digital environments. Sushma realized there is a gap in the sector as there is no unified platform in India for the new-age learners. The pandemic brought the frailties of the education system to the centre stage as children had to adapt to the new systems. Infinity Learn was established to cater to the new-age learner."Our whole intention was to create a cohesive system that can be blended along with classroom teaching. We are driven by the learner's needs and learners are at the centre of everything we do," commented Sushma.

Infinity Learn being a bootstrapped company, Sushma is confident of investments from external sources as the company would welcome investments at later stages. The current focus of the company is on creating a robust online educational platform. According to Sushma, Infinity Learn has been the quickest to go to market with continuous product updates, improvements and developments. There are approximately one million learners on the platform within 8 months of establishment as the company plans to launch a self-learn product soon.

"My life ambition has been to empower women, especially girl children through education. Women today are on par with anyone in terms of education, earning power and are handling big companies across the world. I take inspiration from my mother, all those women leaders who are in the process of transforming the future. I believe women need to have an encouraging environment to fully realize their potential. With the right people around them, they can achieve anything they want in life," comments Sushma. The pandemic brought forth dark times for almost every sector. Infinity Learn suffered a minor setback due to the pandemic. Periodic lockdowns and other disruptive developments hindered the growth of the company. However, the company emerged victorious as the company made a few changes in the business model. A big believer in gender equality, Infinity Learn has consistently maintained a 50 per cent female employee ratio across the board. ". I feel any company that can balance and leverage the capabilities of men and women equally can achieve sustained growth and accomplish goals quickly," commented Sushma.

Infinity Learn intends to be a domain leader. The company has set lofty goals for the future as the company wants to emerge as an education leader, expand into suburban, rural, and remote areas, make education accessible for learners across the country, scale the platform into an education giant. "I wish, hope and want to provide the same encouragement and support I received, for every girl in my schools. The vision to create an online platform for education has been a long time in the making, but the worldwide development with regards to the pandemic, kind of expediated the process of creating Infinity Learn as it was the need of the hour," shares Sushma.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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