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Striking the Right Balance As a Mompreneur For a 'mompreneur' to create a sustainable work-life balance, and be the best possible version of herself in the two vital roles of a caregiver and a business leader, she realises that the core tenets of both jobs are the same

By Tejal Daftary Mehta

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'Never limit yourself. You can be a mom and pursue your dreams simultaneously'

When a woman chooses to run a business, she is well aware of the 'tight-rope walk' she has ahead. Add to it Motherhood, and the challenges staring her in the face, catapult to another level. Every task she undertakes begins with a deep sense of being impossible. But she keeps going, and sort of achieves the possible. Because she knows, that neither her child nor her work can ever be put at stake!

Every 'mompreneur', realises that it is much more than just a career. It is a mindset, a lifestyle shift that demands extraordinary management skills. She pushes the envelope hard, to be both - a mom and a boss.

For a 'mompreneur' to create a sustainable work-life balance, and be the best possible version of herself in the two vital roles of a caregiver and a business leader, she realises that the core tenets of both jobs are the same. In fact, they are so similar, that lessons drawn from one can easily be applied to the other, creating a win-win situation for both the 'avatars' she has donned.

  1. Time Management –By befriending discipline, every 'mompreneur' is in control of time, and not the other way round. Having a To-Do list and a plan always helps. Allocating fixed hours for the housework, childcare, workouts, family time and work schedules, go a long way in managing time well. She schedules her meetings by prioritizing them. A working mom deserves some 'alone time' to strategize and brainstorm. By planning her tomorrow, today, she packs in much more.

  2. Outsourcing – A working mom doesn't have to be a 'Superwoman'. Just by hiring the right people to handle tasks such as cooking, grocery shopping, and cleaning, gives her some respite. Finding an efficient nanny or a day-care to look over her child, gets her the much-needed peace of mind. At the workplace, the woman stops thinking of herself as the 'know-all'. She trusts her colleagues, allocates jobs they can handle and makes them feel responsible.

  3. Respecting deadlines: Both, as an entrepreneur as well as a mom, the lady is bound to face deadlines. By prioritizing her day's activities, she works better around deadlines. It could be a presentation for the client or a project that her child needs help with. She has realised that the best way to go about it, is to start immediately, and if possible, finish before time. She knows that procrastination can put her in a spot if something unavoidable crops up.

  4. Team Management: A reliable team is an asset. A home eco-system with the right kind of help, from family and staff, contributes in myriad ways. Similarly, an efficient team at the workplace helps take a load off the working mom. A team that understands her and her expectations and ethics, is a dream team. So, building the right team, both, at work and at home helps her hugely. By adopting empathy and trust as her compass monitors while building a team, she seldom goes wrong.

  5. Persistence & Patience: A 'Mompreneur' never under-estimates these two attributes that contribute hugely in her dual role as mom and entrepreneur. Be it with her kid or her employee, or even a client, these two virtues help her stay calm and make the right decisions.

  6. Art of Negotiation: A skill that a parent often uses with the kids demanding that pizza or time out with friends, is no different from bargaining with the vendors or clients. Emotions, luck, or a weak mind have no place at the negotiating table. By knowing her limits and how far she is willing to go on all aspects of the deal, the 'mompreneur' fast-tracks the negotiation process.

  7. Connection: For any business to succeed, the 'connection' it makes with its potential customers is crucial. The vital question being, 'Is the offering fulfilling a need?' This trait of 'Connection' comes naturally to a mom. Her innate connection with her child helps the 'mompreneur' in connecting easily with the needs of her client, and therefore in customizing offerings that resonate with the client.

When a woman becomes a mother, there is a tendency for her to get 'identified' with motherhood. But a 'mompreneur' knows exactly how and when to distinctly be either. Studies have shown that kids of working moms turn out to be independent, have a strong sense of self-worth, and take on responsibilities early in life. This validates the fact that a 'mompreneur' enriches both the aspects of her life. In the long run, not only does she have children to be proud of, but also a successful business.

Yes, being a 'Mompreneur' is worth every little effort!

Tejal Daftary Mehta

Entrepreneur and Strategist

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