The Friends Therapy jumpingMinds is on a mission of spreading one billion-plus smiles and making mental health easily accessible.

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Ariba Khan, co-founder, jumpingMinds

"Where your mind goes, your body follows". is building an anonymous and safe space designed to make under stress feel better instantly through personalized smart solutions. jumpingMinds' co founder Ariba Khan completed her engineering from IIT Roorkee which was followed by MBA from IIM Bangalore. According to Ariba, she has had the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a student, a developer, a strategist and recently, a woman CEO and has been fortunate enough to work with incredible minds across industries.

"At the initial stages, apart from family and friends, our early users showed a very strong belief in jumpingMinds' vision of creating a safe space for everyone through countless emails and messages. The continued user love gives us the confidence and motivation to stay strong in our pursuit whenever we face a challenge," commented Ariba on the challenges she faced initially.

India came face-to-face with its mental health insecurities as the pandemic emerged and people were confined to the walls of their homes. India is one of the majority contributors with one in four Indians going through stress & anxiety challenges, which has increased significantly post-covid-19 pandemic. The stigma regarding Mental health is extremely prevalent in India. jumpingMinds is helping in overcoming this stigma with three simple steps - awareness, understanding, and acceptance. The jumpingMinds mobile app provides an anonymous safe space for users to discuss one's challenges openly in a non-judgemental environment. According to global studies, mental health and wellness is a $100-300 billion market with over one billion individuals reportedly impacted. Ariba believes that solutions for the mental health and wellness industry will have to address two key pain points which are low user retention as well as scaling challenges.

The differentiating factor of jumpingminds as Ariba highlights is that the company adopts a user-first approach to make wellness easy, accessible and fun with the first-of-its-kind deep tech community platform. "The Friends Therapy' combined with Deep Technology not only solves for user retention by making the entire experience relatable and effortless but also ensures end-to-end security and scalability while providing a delightful experience to users within minutes."

The company launched its app in 2021 amidst the pandemic. People were drawn to the app looking for some relief. Approximately in 10 months, jumpingminds was able to create a strong community of over 150,000 people, 50 million-plus reach as well as provide best-in-class metrics to its consumers. This assurance proved to be the motivation Ariba needed to jump ship and be an entrepreneur fulltime. "The decision to venture into the Mental Health space was inspired from both professional and personal reasons. During my professional
journey, I have been closely engaged with the Healthcare industry and experienced first-hand the positive impact that can be made on the quality of life with a healthy body & mind," Ariba on her decision to venture out in the mental health space. jumpingMinds consists of a team of approximately 10 individuals with around 60 per cent of the team consisting of women empowering the company to take a more empathetic approach.

jumpingMinds is on a mission of spreading one billion-plus smiles and making mental health easily accessible. Ariba intends to expand internationally primarily to the US market facilitated by a smarter and safer deep tech platform. Ariba thinks that the focus on Mental Health in Union Budget 2022 is a welcoming move and aligns with the company's approach as well as its growth plans.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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