Erik Kruger

Mental Coach, Author & Speaker

Erik Kruger is a keynote speaker, author, and mental coach. He works with leaders and organizations to help them improve thinking and behavior in the context of high-performance, mental toughness, and assertiveness. He is the founder of The Mental Performance Lab and author of Acta Non Verba: The Playbook For Creating, Achieving And Performing At Your Highest Level. Visit to find out more



Harnessing the Power of Fear

Fear as foe and friend: How to master this important relationship.


How to Create a Future-Proof You

We can't predict the future, but we can prepare for it - and the more prepared we are, the higher our chances of success.


3 Ways to Become a Resilient Entrepreneur

We've all heard the phrase 'business is a marathon, not a sprint'. The trouble with marathons is that they require a lot of resilience. Every day you need to get up and face numerous challenges. Here's how you can keep your head in the game – even when all you want to do is quit.


How to Make the Best Decisions for Your Life and Business

Our lives are an accumulation of the decisions we make, both big and small. Improve your decision-making process, and you'll improve every aspect of your life and business.


How The Right Commitments Will Secure Your Success

True commitment is the ultimate determining factor of whether you will be successful or not. All the other positive attributes that we usually assign to great entrepreneurs (such as perseverance, focus, and resilience) stem from commitment.


5 Ways To Become The Ultimate Entrepreneur

What does the ultimate entrepreneur look like? The truth is that although we aspire to many of our role models, success is personal. Here are five ways to find your own 'ultimate' success.

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