Gareth Watson

Business Valuations and Corporate Finance Expert

Gareth Watson is an actuary, consultant and co-founder of iBizValue, a firm specialising in business valuations and corporate finance projects for small to medium companies. Having worked at both large and small multi-national companies, Gareth has developed a keen insight into the value drivers for a range of businesses. Contact Gareth at



The Importance of Estate Planning When Building Your Business

The questions couldn't be simpler: what happens to your business when you die, and does your estate plan properly account for your business?

Growth Strategies

Why Your Business Valuation Could Be The Most Important Thing You Do

Valuing anything that matters – businesses, products, contracts, people – is a risky business. Settle too low or too high and you lose out – or worse. Often, a business' valuation receives less attention than other pricing exercises, despite the potentially severe downsides.

Growth Strategies

Always Keep Your Eye On Your Business's Value

No one owns a car forever. At some point, it changes hands. The same applies to your business – at some point, one way or another, it will change hands. Why then do entrepreneurs lose sight of the resale value of their business?

Growth Strategies

Know Your Business's Worth

The true and ever-changing value of your business is one of the most important numbers to have on hand at almost every stage of your business' development.


The Terrible Risks Facing Your Business If You Haven't Prepared For Death Cover

As a business co-owner, being exposed in the event of the death or disability of another co-owner can immediately cripple a business. Fortunately, getting properly covered is easy.

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