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Growth Strategies

Reduce Your Costs And Gain A Competitive Advantage

Competition is fierce. The economy is tight. People aren't buying. Here's how you can gain a competitive advantage by reducing your costs significantly in 2017.


All Decisions Have Consequences - Know What They Are To Make the Best Choices

There are no easy answers to hard decisions. You might be able to postpone a hard decision, or find a comfortable answer, but the problem will return with a vengeance down the line.


Shark Tank Winner Vusani Ravele on Why it's Not About the Money

Vusani Ravele secured offers from every single Shark in the first episode of Shark Tank South Africa, eventually settling on an offer from Gil Oved from The Creative Counsel. Entrepreneur asked him how this investment has changed his business.


How to Live an Extraordinary Life

Rudolf Goosen is an ex-professional rugby player, entrepreneur, author, TV presenter and motivational speaker. Entrepreneur recently spoke to him about his new book, Taking Your Life to the Next Level.

Growth Strategies

Machine Learning Is Changing The Game

Artificial Intelligence is set to change the way all companies do business, says Daniel Schwartzkopff of DataProphet. Those who don't prepare for this inevitability right now run the risk of getting left behind.


John Sanei's Lessons In Driving Organisational Innovation

John Sanei is a global speaker, coach. facilitator, trend specialist and author. Entrepreneur spoke to him about his book, What's Your Moonshot? Here's what you need to know to drive innovation in your organisation this year.

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