Monique Verduyn

Entrepreneur Staff
Freelance Writer

Monique Verduyn is a freelance writer. She has more than 12 years’ experience in writing for the corporate, SME, IT and entertainment sectors, and has interviewed many of South Africa’s most prominent business leaders and thinkers. 


Growth Strategies

Scaling Up Is Tougher Than It Looks

How Marisa da Silva has implemented a 'cut, cut, grow' strategy to ensure growth in a decades-old business.

Growth Strategies

Pivoting At The Right Time Is Key To Growth

How 28-year-old Adam Fine launched his startup with R85 000, and today is poised for massive growth, with the business tripling in size over 18 months.

Growth Strategies

How a Traditional Industry is Innovating With New Technology

A company that's been active for more than five decades in an industry that's hundreds of years old doesn't sound like a recipe for innovation - and yet that's exactly what Luci Nouwens, owner of Nouwens Carpets, is focused on.

Growth Strategies

How to Become a Disruptor That Shifts Markets

What can we do now that we couldn't do before, thanks to changes in technology? That's the approach that great organisations are taking to transform the consumer experience. And it's not just the ruthless young upstarts that are doing so - we spoke to three companies founded by industry stalwarts to get their take on how to seize market leadership in a time of significant disruption.


How to Sell Your Vision – and Execute On It

Hennie Botes is a true South African entrepreneur. In spite of numerous challenges, he has developed an unrelenting ability to sell his vision, and execute it. Through technology he created - which challenges traditional building techniques – he is also empowering other entrepreneurs.

Women Entrepreneur®

Leading the Way in an Evolving Industry

Out-of-home media agencies are growing and In Touch Media's Margie Carr is leading the way with an approach that embraces trust, simplicity and the power of networks.

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