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Why Fear Kills a Business Faster Than Financial Failure Consciousness and Cash Flow: You need to balance the Future and the Present, letting go of fear for the bigger picture.

By Robin Wheeler

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Consciousness is the future. Where humanity goes from here – how we handle exponential global change, how we evolve as a species under duress, and how we create a sustainable and happy planet – is dependent on how we become more aware and able to resolve the troubles and capitalise on the opportunities around us with growing intelligence.

Details of how this will unfold are in the balance but one factor is clear: the new humanity will be an enlightened one.

This is the vision, but while we build it, we need to pay the bills and stay afloat as soulful ventures in a sea of struggles.

Balancing the Soul with Business

We need to finance our evolution, usually with buckets of sweat equity backed by hard currency, which can be scarce when the market is down, prices are up, and the populace is barely scraping by.

We may spend the majority of our sleepless nights wondering if and how we will survive, let alone manifest our soul's desire. The answer is two-fold: first, take one step at a time, fully present in the moment and, second, hold the vision whatever it takes.

And so, the solution is partly in staying guided by the future and partly in being intensely present. Paradoxically, occupation with the now is the only way to bring the vision to bear. The way to make the money we need to sustain the current situation is to personify where we are going, which is not an "either/or' but an "and', not impossible, but a simple case of sitting with intensity and not succumbing to pressure.

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Entrepreneurs specialise in pressure. We are experts at combining opposites, like being impassioned and practical, visionary and realistic, unfazed yet flexible.

We are the magical factors that connect the ends of the ropes that would otherwise not meet. We hold innovation together. Without us, none of this would be here and the human race may not make it.

We might not feel like we matter three nights out of four, but on that one night where it all slots cosmically into place, we know with every cell of our being that we are sound in our pursuits.

It's tough beyond comprehension, but we are on course and making the difference. There are no words for how profound this feels.

The connection between fear and cash flow constraints

The best way I have found to cater for cash flow constraints is not to struggle over them directly, but to step back and gain perspective.

Fear is the killer, more than financial failure. Limitations are there to be let go of as we grow, and pain is a sign that we are holding on and thinking too small.

It's our limiting sense of self that needs to shift, and crisis is the perfect position to be in for that to transpire. Stop, feel the pain, hold it for a moment and then consciously let go. Surrender to your higher self, the you who will look back with wisdom and write articles like this.

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The higher self is what got you going in the first place. The bigger picture is what gave you direction to take the big leap, inspiration to stay on track, and guidance to keep going through thick and thin.

The intelligence and integrity of the future pulling you forward will continue to transform your circumstance into success. All of it will make you more sincere, savvy and aware, and these qualities will serve you, your people and the market with growing wisdom.

Cash flow can be one of the present challenges and presence is the ultimate outcome.

Being fully alive is what we are here for. Money matters but it's ultimately immaterial because we'll attain our purpose with or without it.

In fact, the best decisions, steps and insights happen when we are cash-strapped. People pulling the purse strings have power but that has nothing on those who persist when all hope seems lost. We are, after all, creating something new, not being held hostage by the banks.

Fears are phantoms. Move past them with aplomb. Awaken through hardships and lead the new world, one conscious step at a time.

Enlightened living is afoot and you are the alchemist bringing it into being. This is your life's work and blessing to us all.

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Robin Wheeler

Enlightenment Advocate For Business Success

Robin Wheeler is founder of BEntrepreneurING, a global speaker enlightening corporations and entrepreneurs, and author of the INSIGHTS series of books on ‘being yourself for a living’

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