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What I Learnt From Top European Millennial Business Coach, Thaddaeus Koroma, 'The Mindset Whisperer' If you know where you're going and why you're going there, success will naturally follow.

By Stankevicius MGM

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Thaddaeus Koroma

I flew to Boston to attend the Music Entrepreneur Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I wanted to attend MEcon as I knew I'd get to watch some of the greatest legends, leaders and innovators of the music industry pour their hearts out about their entrepreneurial adventures and mishaps.

As stars like Rodney Jerkins, Kerry Gordy and Bernt Ullman delighted the audience with their stories, insights and wisdom, something very unexpected occurred; among these powerful orators I found myself mesmerized by a young businessman who, according to everyone I talked to at this conference, was already a recognizable name among the elite influencers and celebrities in the US market.

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He was a charming African/ European entrepreneur named Thaddaeus Koroma. What made the biggest impression on the audience was his sense of humour, distilled through insightful business wisdom, as he empowered the crowd with expert business strategy gems and implementable life hacks.

How to decode your business

The topic of his keynote was "how to decode your business'. His presentation on the topic? Simply put, flawless. It was simple to understand. It was in that moment that I understood that if you can find the proper blueprint for any business or vertical, anyone who is new or lost can find their own way to the promised land through his methods.

Mr. Koroma lit a clear path for clients to follow his method through and out of the dark labyrinth that can be starting a venture or working on a startup. He decoded the formula in a way that showed us how to implement useful day to day techniques that just simply help you to win one battle at a time.

It was amazing to experience how he was able to connect with every single person in the crowd, making each individual feel as though he was specifically targeting their own individual brand.

Mr. Koroma's energy was so infectious, it felt as though he was able to interact at a high level with the theater in its entirety. Everyone felt the depth of knowledge in business and life he carried, was affecting them in an unprecedented way.

Powered by stories

I had to find out more about his background. I found that Mr. Koroma, like most successful global entrepreneurs, was powered by an extraordinary story. Now it all made sense. This is what made him such a powerful and passionate speaker.

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Thaddaeus, as he eventually asked me to call him by his first name due to his humble nature, had now developed a major business following in Europe as well as gained massive market share.

Koroma has an eye for influencers with great ideas and powerful networks, and by investing into their infrastructure and brand equity, he is able to quickly dissect their business and create major growth.

As he continues to dominate various countries through his method, he now has his eyes on the US market. Although low and behold, I'm now starting to believe it is the other way around, the US market seems to be pulling on him to bring his brand across the pond.

The market may just need his "different tactics' and systems. Koroma explained, "I've been able to create strategic partnerships with public figures and influencers where I have become the fuel behind the scenes."

Even though Koroma has achieved immense success, this is only the beginning of his journey.

When the event was over, I had the opportunity to sit down with Thaddaeus and managed to launch a few questions at him.

Q. What is one of the top traits you see in the "mega' successful?

They focus on building a strong network. People are more important than money because your network is your strongest currency. And they build this network before they need it, they first love to provide value before asking for anything. They want to get paid based on results. Not for their time.

Q. Since you helped public figures and influencers reach success, what's a basic formula you can share?

Before building your product or service, map out your ideal customer or client. Just think about one person and learn their demographics. Starting with simple things like where are they from? What's their age? Anything you can think that will help you understand their needs.

Q. How do you deal with problems and obstacles?

Most problems are basically, unsolved questions. So, I try to work on forming a better question in regards to the problem. Then I either find someone who already answered that question, or I position myself in a better way to be able to answer the question.

Q. What is the best advice you can give to a millennial looking to get into business?

Find someone who's already doing what they want to do very successfully and shadow that person. I recommend you pay that person to get the best advice or bring a lot of value by working for them.

Q. People have commented that your style of business coaching is unique. Where do you think that comes from?

My mother is African and I grew up raised by three females, my mother, sister, and aunt. I was raised in Germany, so I have an engineer mindset. Along with music, those have been the biggest influences in my life.

Q. When should we expect your business coaching or business program in the United States?

I'm expecting I will have all of the programs translated by the end of 2020.

Q. What's your definition of success?

The best definition I ever found was by a guy called Earl Nightingale. He said, "Success is really nothing more than the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. This means that any person who knows what they are doing and where they are going is a success. Any person with a goal towards which they are working is a successful person."

Thaddaeus Koroma is professionally rated one of the top leading business coaches to the elite influencers and celebrities and has become the leading voice of the new business centric Millennial Generation in Europe. Thaddaeus is affectionately called by some of his clients "The Mindset whisperer'.

For more information about Thaddaeus Koroma follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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