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How Can I Overcome Imposter Syndrome? A five-step plan for reinforcing that you deserve all your achievements and success.

By Elise Phillips

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Luis Alvarez | Getty Images

Do you feel like you never belong and that every achievement, accolade or promotion you earn is undeserved? Well, folks, imposter syndrome is real. I can personally attest to the harmful outcomes this behavioral pattern can have on one's life. For years, I suffered in silence, and it often held me back from the goals I desired and even the money I wanted to make. My personal life and friendships suffered because I had to keep everyone at an arm's length for fear of being found out to be a "fraud." Once I realized it was my imposter syndrome manifesting, I started trying to break the pattern.

The good news is you can indeed learn to overcome these self-defeating feelings and thoughts. Here, I'll share with you a few simple strategies for overcoming your imposter syndrome for good.

1. Acknowledge your feelings

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