How to Create Content That Converts With 3 Simple Steps If you want your content to be easy to create, help you stand out and convert to sales, there are a few core principles that will help you.

By Justine Beauregard

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Content is the foundation of all marketing. Everything you do to create awareness and demand for what you sell from talking to people to sending emails, posting on social media, speaking on stages, going live or sharing recorded videos, podcasting, hosting events and writing articles like this one is content. One of the biggest struggles I see as a marketing strategist and coach is the overwhelm created by content consumption.

As entrepreneurs, we're flooded with content. Since we want to stand out, we're constantly spinning our wheels trying to create something different. But you don't need to create anything different to stand out. Instead, focus on two things: showing up consistently and embracing who you are.

You are inherently different, just by being you. You think differently, use different words, have different preferences and deliver your message differently than anyone else. High-converting content marketing isn't born from a new type of Instagram profile grid or TikTok video sequence it's done by creating magnetism. We build audiences and become powerhouses in our industry when we dare to be ourselves, show up every day and do both confidently.

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Now that you know this, there are a few core principles of high-converting content marketing that will help you think through your ideal strategy with more intentionality.

1. Embrace your uniqueness

Entrepreneurs desperately seek validation from our content. It makes sense. You likely produce content for the sole purpose of selling because you've been conditioned to crave attention. Attention equates to followers, which leads to sales. It also makes sense that when you see others getting more of it than you, you'd assume you're missing something. That you need to do more. That you aren't good enough.

The truth is, comparing yourself to others is what makes your content convert less.

Content is all around you, all the time. If you simply shared your unique perspectives and experiences in ways you enjoy, you'd feel less pressure and create better results. Who cares if others in your industry are all using a certain type of content? You want to stand out? Do your own thing and own it!

The most successful entrepreneurs don't care what others are doing. We disrupt our space with something new and innovative. We take risks. We fail and get back up. We create more than we consume. We're decisive. We're brave. And yes, I am saying "we" as the collective we, which includes you and me.

We are visionaries. We are changemakers. We are the future.

2. Do more of what works

Every good content-marketing strategy begins with a plan. It can be flexible and take minutes to create, but it exists. Without a plan, how do you plan to measure your success? Once you have the plan, you can see what's working and what isn't with simple math. Did you post as much as you planned to? Did you hit your goal of number of downloads or percentage of conversions? If so, what helped you get there? If not, how can you improve?

You're not a hamster on a wheel. You don't have to constantly produce more content. You don't have to increase output over time. You don't have to always leap from one platform to another because it's "hot" with your audience right now. No one expects you to come up with a content-marketing strategy that breaks the bank or your back except, maybe, you.

Instead, measure what's working and optimize your process based on specific insights. You'd be surprised how much time you can save by repurposing or how much audience you can build if you repurpose and continue creating new content which is a 100% increase in output.

If you don't yet have a monthly review of your content performance, start now. Then, reflect on what you've done, and you'll start to see how to move forward easier with better results.

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3. Let go of what you don't like

There are tons of free and paid tools to help you create, optimize, schedule and scale your content for massive impact. There are also people who love to do this for a living! Feed the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and offload all the tasks you dislike or that aren't where your genius is best spent.

You've likely heard this before and made dozens of excuses as to why you can't yet. Too much money. Not enough time. Sound familiar? All these excuses are reasons to prioritize this now. By offloading these tasks, you'll free up time for more income-producing activities, which leads to more money and time the two things you seem to lack!

If you have a system in place that works great for now and you're comfortable with, you may not need to invest in anything right now. Just know that this isn't just about productivity. It's about freedom. It's about questioning and challenging the status quo. It's about consciously choosing to be your best. When you do this, the whole disruptor spiel you read a few paragraphs ago is way more doable and fun.

If you want your content to be easy to create, help you stand out and convert to sales, focus on originality, optimization and outsourcing. These are your keys to success.

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Justine Beauregard

Marketing Strategist + Coach

Justine Beauregard is a marketing strategist and coach for compassionate entrepreneurs worldwide. Since 2008, she's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide maximize their impact and income using her marketing process proven to help businesses grow up to 6-times revenue in as little as 30 days.

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