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Why the Best Job Candidates Are Hidden in Plain Sight Hiring the right person is key to the success of any business, And sometimes, the perfect fit is right in front of you.

By Joanna Swash

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Hiring the right person is often considered a mystical art. So much time and resources are dedicated to this process — tests, checklists and more. However, the past year's events in the recruitment market have demonstrated that very few of us have succeeded. I won't pretend that we have always made the perfect hire, but through entering new markets, expanding rapidly, navigating through world events and dealing with other challenges, we have learned many lessons when hiring the right person.

Why do we all need to aim to hire the right person?

Your biggest and best asset in any business is your people. Therefore, it's crucial to aim for hiring the right person. Of course, you want the best, but you also want the best fit for your specific business needs. It's important to choose those individuals who, with the right support and guidance, will thrive and bring value to your organization. The process of selection, rather than recruitment. It involves finding the right match between an organization's requirements and the skills, qualifications and character of the individual, ultimately ensuring that the organization hires the right person with the right attitude.

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