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Wake Up With This 5-Minute Workout You Can Do at Your Desk

Shaun T, the mind and muscles behind the iconic workout program 'Insanity,' shows you a few moves you can do while sitting on your butt right now.


Feel like you're about to fall asleep at your keyboard? (Don't worry, we won't tell your boss if you don't tell ours.) If you don't have an office-sanctioned nap room or a supply closet you can sack out in for 10 minutes, give this routine a try. Shaun T, creator of infomercial workouts like Insanity and Hip-Hop Abs, says no one will even know you're doing it. We don't know about that, but we agree that it will wake you up. Hard to sleep while you shirtless-ly pull your knees to your chest.

Jan Stromme | Getty Images

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