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Clever, Effective, and Legal

But, please, do not call them tax shelters. Here are some legal tax-avoidance strategies that work, and can stand up to I.R.S. scrutiny.

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Future Pop

CDs are dead, and Korean impresario Jin-Young Park knows it. American music labels could learn a thing or two from the model he's built in South Korea.

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The Toughest Table in America

The country's hardest-to-get reservation isn't in New York or Los Angeles. Call Talula's Table, in Pennsylvania horse country, to dine in 2009.

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The I.T. Road Show

How C.I.O. Tom Conophy, who has clocked millions of miles in the skies, takes it around the world.

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Banking on Thanks

More and more, retailers are showing their appreciation for customers in an effort to keep them spending.

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Believe the Skype

You no longer need a computer to use eBay's internet phone service-Skype's going mobile.