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Worn by Fame

Yves Saint Laurent changed women's fashion but the glory took a terrible toll on his fragile psyche.

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Satan's Accountant

Even before the showdown in Texas, Bruce Wisan was trying to save the Mormon polygamists from their power-mad leader. But they believe Wisan was sent by the devil, which is making the job infernally hard.

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The Beauty Bust

Waterproof, smudgeproof.recession-proof? Conventional wisdom says lipstick and perfume do well in a recession. This time around could be very different.

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Happy Hour? Try Nightcap

Cosmos, martinis, and four-inch-heel Manolos were exciting in the late '90s-but will enough women line up to see Sex and the City now? Probably not.

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Death March

Monster.com founder Jeff Taylor is hoping to wrest control of paid death notices from the newspaper industry, just as he did with employment postings.

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Looking for Mr. Goodbeer

Anheuser-Busch is betting big on a new beer-but can a copycat brew make it on the market?