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Hoover Revisited

At a time when America faces the prospect of another Depression, a new biography examines the man who is widely blamed for the first one.

Houses are the New Stocks

Learn why houses now are like stocks in 2002.

Acts of Contrition

Corporate sacrifices to the altar of public opinion.

The Girl Next Door

Christie Hefner, the CEO of Playboy Enterprises-the magazine, television, internet, and casino empire-on defending a brand that's under siege, getting into politics, and why she'll never wear the Playboy bunny.

The Net(book) Effect

Netbooks are the latest must-have gadgets for road warriors. But don't start thinking they'll solve all of your computing and communication needs when you're on a business trip.

25 Innovators in Technology

They're changing the way we do business (and not always for the better). Don't miss features on Twitter CEO Evan Williams, Google's gambit with the power grid, and an essay about CEO Steve Jobs' leave of absence from Apple.

Taxpayer Perks for Ex-CEOs

Top executives at bailed-out banks aren't the only people accepting lavish benefits at government expense. Some of their predecessors are too.

Commuter Hell

Turbo-prop planes and regional jets are a crucial part of the airlines' route strategies and are often the only way a business traveler can easily get to a destination, but road warriors hate flying them.

13 Signs of the Economic Apocalypse

Just how dark will our days become in this economic downturn?

A Truly Bad Bank

The new big-screen thriller The International is all about the intrigue surrounding a global bank. Don't we have enough of that in real life?

Dining Out

Hate the food options inside airports? Plan ahead and eat at some hidden gems just a few miles away (or even right outside the terminal) at these big U.S. airports.

The Future of Food: Frankenfood TO GMormet

Genetically modified veggies were a flop. With livestock, the bioengineers will get a second chance.

Abstinence at the Orgy

It takes a brave (or maybe a foolish) man to spend billions one minute and then call for fiscal responsibility the next. Barack Obama is that man.

Punk'd by the Web

He's been an actor, a producer, and a very visible camera pitchman. But for Ashton Kutcher, tech dude is proving to be a harder role.

The Private Equity Meltdown Myth

Why buyout kings like Leon Black aren't going out of business.