A-List Blogs for C-Level Execs We wouldn't waste your time with anything but the must-reads.

The AAO Weblog

Blogger Jack Ciesielski owns a Baltimore investment-research fund and writes about little-known corporate-accounting missteps, audits of major companies, and the activities of the S.E.C.


This economic news, data, and analysis blog was started by John Irons, the director of tax and budget policy at the Center for American Progress. Previously, Irons served as an economics guide at About.com.

Blognoggle Business

This blog compiles the latest posts from top business blogs and divides them into categories such as finance, marketing, human resources, leadership, and manufacturing.


On Corante's network of blogs, experts and opinion writers pontificate on marketing, media, and innovation; a typical post bemoans the sudden proliferation of "user experience" consultants for websites and other forms of media. The roster of contributing bloggers includes Dana Blankenhorn, a longtime business journalist who's written for the Chicago Tribune and Advertising Age, and Dorian Benkoil, a former foreign correspondent for A.P. and Newsweek.


This self-proclaimed Wall Street tabloid, founded by blogger Elizabeth Spiers (who has since departed), reports at length on the latest deals and goings-on of finance and media moguls. Topics include I.P.O. analysis, compensation metrics for finance types, and commentary on topics of the day (like Murdoch's Dow Jones bid, complete with "Murdoch Meter" cartoon).

Going Private

The collected musings of an anonymous private equity professional, Going Private publishes analysis on press articles about the private equity and hedge fund business, commentary on deals in the news, and lively excerpts from reader mail.

Feld Thoughts

Foundry Group and Mobius Venture Capital's managing director Brad Feld's venture capital site is full of cutting opinion writing (why "passive-aggressive behavior is useless in a startup") and even book recommendations.


Journalist Michelle Leder dissects the small print in routine S.E.C. filings, uncovering obscure deals such as the reverse merger of Rodman & Renshaw, a small biotech investment firm with which former presidential candidate Wesley Clark is involved, and Enthrust Financial, a shell company.

Institutional Economics

In Institutional Economics, Australian economist Stephen Kirchner analyzes the financial markets from a classical liberal economic perspective.


In this blog, investors Benjamin Clark and Jonathan Ritchie follow the lead of Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham, analyzing today's market via Buffet's and Graham's value-investing strategies.

Naked Capitalism

Penned by Yves Smith, an investment banker and Ed Wright, a technology specialist, this blog focuses on financial topics including market inefficiencies, currencies, the Fed, and even high-flown conceptual topics like the "destruction of the middle class."


Started by veteran reporter Jim Romenesko to provide links to and brief commentary about articles concerning the press, this blog is a must-read for journalists and for anyone who wants to know what reporters are reading, discussing, or thinking.


Operated by trend specialists Pier Fawkes and Simon King, P.S.F.K. keeps tabs on what's new in advertising, design, fashion, food and drink, and dozens of other categories.


This technical and business Web news blog covers startups, the largest internet companies, and everything in between.

Seeking Alpha

Read transcripts of company conference calls as well as news on U.S. and overseas markets on this blog, which also posts hedge fund industry jobs.

Seth Godin's Blog

Seth Godin, former contributing editor to Fast Company, writes this marketing blog, which draws on content from his many business books.

TaxProf Blog

TaxProf Blog contains tax news and legislation, salary analysis, and commentary from University of Cincinnati College of Law professor Paul L. Caron.

Trader Daily

The blog of Trader Monthly magazine features news along with strategies and profiles of successful traders.


A Gawker-Gizmodo hybrid covering Silicon Valley news (think gossip plus gadgets), this blog focuses on new sites, conferences, products, and internet companies.

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