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7 Ways to Stay Busy and Productive While Self-Isolated

Quarantine has suddenly opened up some more time.

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As the world goes inside to help flatten the curve and prevent the spread of coronavirus, you may find yourself with some more time on your hands. You're working, yes, but now you don't have to commute, you don't have to make errant stops on the way home, and you're likely less distracted and can be more productive at home. So, what are you going to do with those newfound minutes and hours? We've got some ideas.
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Learn a New Language

Learning a new language has positive cognitive benefits and can help you open up new business opportunities. Mondly is a Google Play Editor's Choice winner and Apple App of the Year winner because it uses state-of-the-art tech to help you learn a new language whenever you have the time.

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Freshen Up Your Résumé

If you've been on the fence about your current position, maybe now is a good time to start looking for another job. The first step: Revisiting the résumé that you haven't edited in years. If you need some help, Rezi Résumé Software has your back. Rezi compares your résumé to thousands of others, highlighting what could use some work and what stands out, helping you create the best résumé for whatever industry or job you're chasing.

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Develop a New Website

If you're building that brand, the next step is a great website. No entrepreneur should start a venture without a website. Of course, not everybody is that technically savvy. Blueprints Website Builder lets you build sites without coding a single line. With 200 examples pages, 500 responsive blocks, 30 navigation panels, and many more customizable tools, Blueprints lets you build a complete site fast.

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Backup Your Files

You are probably overdue for a good file backup. You don't want to lose valuable data in a computer crash, so just do yourself a favor and get a good backup software like Degoo. Degoo offers 10TB of secure, easily accessible backup for life at an unbeatable price.

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Record Some Content

Content is king, especially now that sports programming is all postponed. Video content can be a great new growth and revenue channel for small and medium-sized businesses, so why not see what you can do? XSplit VCam is a cool app that lets you record with different backgrounds, almost like a virtual, considerably less expensive green screen.

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Work on That Brand Idea

Have a brilliant idea for a new company? You're going to need great branding to get it off the ground. To start, you'll probably need a logo. My Brand New Logo is an AI-enhanced logo generator that takes a few inputs from you to create an awesome, fully-scalable logo that you own outright.

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Get a Grip of Your Finances

The world economy is taking a massive hit during the pandemic. How's your portfolio looking? It may be time to think about the future and start tightening up your belt. MoneyWiz3 is a personal finance that has been recognized by Forbes, CNN and more. MoneyWiz lets you organize all of your accounts, budgets and bills in a single place, syncing your financial data so you can see exactly how much liquidity you have.

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