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How Can Spatial Computing Make Industrial Development More Intuitive and Seamless?

It's about improving the customer experience by combining virtual reality and physical reality.

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Add a New Revenue Stream for Your Business with Sandstorm PRO for $97.99

This platform makes it easy to create for the Metaverse.

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Innovate on a Budget: This User-Friendly 3D Printer Is Now $290

Toybox's printer is easy to use, kid friendly, and on sale for a limited time.


Bring the Power of Real-Time 3D Gaming to the Industrial World

Industry-specific tools allow non-gaming industries to integrate customized 3D solutions for AR, VR, and more.

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The Pathway to the Metaverse Begins With 3D Modelling

What brands need to consider before jumping headfirst into the metaverse.

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Creating a Visual Language for Innovative Products

How good designers master the tools of shape, color and movement to build solid user interfaces - and great ones use them to develop products that become the industry standards of tomorrow.

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Singularity Is Fast Approaching, and It Will Happen First in the Metaverse

Is the metaverse going to change life as we know it? What does this mean for our future?


How to Build Brand Loyalty Through Augmented Reality

Combining AR and 3D experiences into a website is increasingly vital to foster customer engagement and brand loyalty.

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Here's Your Solution to Creating 3D Animations on an Entrepreneur's Budget

Poser Pro is the perfect 3D and animation software for small businesses.

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How European Startups Will Advance 3D Printing Tech in 2020

While the development of complex technologies takes time, it's evident that the scope and depth of 3D technology continues to expand.

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This Remarkable Kit Brings 3D Printing into Your Home

Build your own solutions to household problems with this bundle.


Best Laptops Of IFA Will Leave You Impressed With Its Speed & Innovation

Acer and Asus dominated IFA 2019 with their new laptops that are worth every penny


Bring Your B2B Industrial Marketing Game to the 3rd Dimension

With large and constantly evolving product lines, maintaining a single version of truth can be hard sometimes but this is what you can do


The Sole Maker

Shapecrunch is a healthcare AI and 3D printing startup that makes custom 3D printed insoles by scanning the feet with just three pictures on the smartphone app


Insight to the Best and Worst Tech Trends of 2018

Tech products may not always gain popularity and can be a failure as well here are the most talked about good and bad trends of the year