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6G: How Is India Gearing up?

The 6G network will call for a change in the way communication networks are designed. India has taken a significant stride forward in the field of telecommunications, with the acquisition of over 200 patents for 6G technology


5G: Is India Making a Mistake By Not Allowing Private Ownership Of Spectrum?

Private 5G networks can augment existing capabilities and introduce new possibilities that other systems are not able to support


'If You Have to be a Successful Enterprise, You Have to Play in the Space'

Srini Srinivasan worked for companies like IBM, VerdiSoft, Yahoo, and CitrusLeaf before he co-founded Aerospike in 2009. The Aerospike's real-time data platform enables organizations to act instantly across billions of transactions. He opens up more with Entrepreneur India on how his company is competing with other players, adoption of real-time data by enterprises in the last few years and much more...

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BSNL Looks At Reliance Jio To Upgrade Its Network Infrastructure

Narendra Modi will officially launch the 5G mobile service in the country on 1st October 2022, while addressing the Indian Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022


What Comes After 5G? Here's What Your Business Should Be Exploring Now

The long-awaited acceleration of 5G deployment is finally here.

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A Game Changer For the Gaming Industry?

The announcement of setting up an AVGC promotion task force has been lauded by experts; 5G spectrum auction and digital rupee to help the industry

ტექნოლოგიური ტრენდები

რა არის 5G?

5G 10-ჯერ უფრო სწრაფია 4G-ზე და უკაბელო ინტერნეტზე უკეთეს წვდომასაც გვპირდება. გთავაზობთ პროფესიონალი ელექტროინჟინრის განმარტებას, თუ რა არის 5G-კავშირი.

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Airtel Conducts 5G Trial In 700 MHz Band In Partnership With Nokia

Airtel has been allotted test spectrum in multiple bands by the Department of Telecommunications for the validation of 5G technology and use cases


Airtel Rolls Out 5G For Business

This will showcase transformational high speed and low latency network solutions for a range of industries in partnership with top companies

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Why 5G Could Be a Game Changer For Entrepreneurs — and the World

In this evolving remote environment, it's not only speed that we need. It's accessibility.


GITEX Launches New Online Webinar Series To Keep The Tech Industry Connected

GITEX Global.virtual to host monthly webinars focusing on the biggest challenges and opportunities in the technology industry.

Science & Technology

These 5G Laptops Will Change the Way You Work

They're starting to debut, and promising something entrepreneurs need: nonstop connectivity.


5G - A New Generation, A New Direction

The vastly enhanced performance of 5G will bring benefits far beyond faster streaming and improved entertainment or gaming. Set to alter the way we navigate our daily lives, this advance marks a paradigm shift, not merely a generational one

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T-Mobile's 5G Network Goes Live Ahead of Schedule

The original launch date was scheduled for December 6th.


Top 5 Trends For Digital Metamorphosis In 2020

These trends will offer tremendous opportunities for start-ups