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Una nueva versión de pago de Alexa genera dudas y preocupación

Fuentes al interior de Amazon aseguran que esta herramienta no justifica un costo extra.

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Get an Amazon Echo Dot for Less Than $20 for 24 Hours Only

Don't miss this chance to give yourself a virtual assistant.


¿Quieres crear una cultura de innovación? Haz estas 3 preguntas esenciales

La innovación proviene de la experimentación. La experimentación conduce al fracaso. Aceptar el fracaso es el camino para construir grandes productos y darle valor a tu empresa.


Amazon Alexa Just Got More Snazz, Will Now Speak Both Hindi & Hinglish

Amazon Alexa finally gets desi and will cater to the cultural and linguistic diversity of India


India, China Lead the Race in Voice-activated Technology

A report says that once users have adopted voice-activated technology, their consumption does not decrease


Google Now Enters Your Home But Will it Leave an Echo?

The tech giant is all set to enter the Indian market with Google Home and Google Home Mini

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Alexa Is Randomly Laughing, But Nobody's in on the Joke

Some Alexa users have heard random, creepy giggles from the virtual assistant in recent weeks. Amazon says the problem was the result of a false positive.

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Why Alexa Will Soon Be Handling Customer Support Calls -- and What Businesses Should Do to Prepare

Voice computers will fix what's broken about phone support without losing the most powerful communication tool ever invented -- the human voice.

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Apple HomePod Smart Speaker Arrives in December

Amazon Echo comparisons are likely, but Apple is positioning HomePod as a music speaker.

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Hey, Amanda! SNL Imagines an Amazon Echo Device for Stereotypical Senior Citizens.

This funny segment features an item that would be perfect for your grandparents.

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Amazon Reveals $230 Touchscreen Echo Show

With Echo Show, Alexa can 'show you things,' Amazon says of its new gadget.

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Amazon Look Is a Camera That Picks Your Outfit

The Alexa-powered camera sits on your dresser to take photos and videos of your outfit, help you share them to social media and even gives fashion suggestions.

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Amazon Offers 'Lex' Chatbot Platform to Devs

Developers will be able to create their own chatbots using the same language processing that powers Amazon's own Alexa voice assistant.