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Is domestic travel back on track? Check out these companies

Growing GDP figures create a trickle-down effect on these domestic leisure names. Markets and analysts are all over this domino effect.

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Airlines Know Their Boarding Process Is Excruciatingly Inefficient. Here's Why They Won't Change It.

One of the most frustrating parts of air travel isn't likely to get better anytime soon.

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American Airlines Agrees to Substantial Pilot Pay Raises — Here's What It Could Mean For Travelers

The deal guarantees an immediate 21% pay increase for around 15,000 pilots and outlines further raises over the next four years.

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American Airlines Sues Website for 'Bait-and-Switch' Tactic to Sell Cheaper Airfares

The airline recently banned a teenage passenger for using to purchase a cheaper fare.

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Airlines Are Finally Fixing the Shrunken Seats That Make Flying So Miserable — Here's What to Expect

Delta, United Airlines and more have announced some big — and expensive — changes.

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American Airlines and JetBlue Ordered To Cease Partnership in the Northeast U.S. By Justice Department

The Justice Department sued to stop the Northeast Alliance, claiming it increased airfare and reduced options in domestic markets.

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Man Arrested at JFK Airport For Allegedly Peeing on Another Passenger Mid-Flight

The man was intoxicated during the altercation, according to authorities.

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American Airlines Plane Catches Fire Due to Bird Strike: 'The Engine Started Making Real Loud Noises'

Video of the engine fire was captured on a passenger's cellphone.

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American Airlines Sued After Teen Dies of Heart Attack Onboard Flight to Miami

Kevin Greenridge was traveling from Honduras to Miami on June 4, 2022, on AA Flight 614 when he went into cardiac arrest and became unconscious mid-flight.

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'Close Calls' With Airplane Safety Are 'On the Rise,' National Transportation Safety Board Chair Says

There have been several high-profile incidents of late where planes have come in close range of each other.

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6 Secret Tools for Flying First Class (Without Paying Full Price)

It's time to reimagine upgrading. Here's how to fly first class on every flight, business or personal.

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Bizarre, Demonic Groaning Sounds Mysteriously Take Over Airplane Intercom: 'None of Us Are Enjoying It'

One TikToker is going viral for documenting a truly disturbing audible experience on a recent flight.

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Oh, Baby! Woman Surprisingly Gives Birth on American Airlines Flight

One woman was in for the surprise of her life after her water broke on a flight to the Dominican Republic.