Unlock Your Mind's Potential With AI and Brainwave Training

Dr. Patrick Porter shares insights on brain frequencies and brainwave entrainment, explaining how they help us manage stress and anxiety.


How Anxiety Shows Up in Leadership Roles — and How to Overcome It

It's time to unmask the hidden anxieties in leadership and show them who's boss!

Health & Wellness

'I Don't Feel Well. Call 911.' This Entrepreneur Would Suffer From Crippling Anxiety Before She Used These 3 Strategies to Lead and Succeed.

In the wake of a panic attack-related hospital scare, this busy exec set to building a supportive business team and embracing mindfulness techniques to keep herself on track.

Growing a Business

I Couldn't Sleep. I Obsessed Over My Failures. Then I Found the Weirdest Cure — Flyfishing?

It's easy to buckle under the stress of entrepreneurship. I was on my last leg when I gave in, and tried flyfishing. What I learned out there in the river surprised me.

Health & Wellness

Feel Awkward? Struggle to Make Friends? This Founder Wants to Fix Your Social Anxiety.

David Morin, founder of Brooklyn-based startup SocialSelf, knows that socialization is hard — but he wants to make it easier.

Growing a Business

How to Short-Circuit Anxiety (and Even Use It to Your Advantage)

From "road mapping" moments of stress to mindfully altering focus, methods of tempering this all-too-common and corrosive characteristic of high-flyers.

Health & Wellness

6 Healthy Habits to Maximize Your Mental Health and Get You Through Your Worst Days

From cold showers to practicing forgiveness, here's how to move forward in crisis and regain control of your life.

Business News

Man Wins $450,000 Lawsuit After Office Birthday Party Triggered Panic Attack

A Kentucky court's judgment creates new precedent in conversations around workplace wellbeing.


4 Expert-Backed Strategies for Managing Anxiety

Experts say anxiety is a habit -- and like any habit, it can be broken. Here's how.

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The Friends Therapy

jumpingMinds is on a mission of spreading one billion-plus smiles and making mental health easily accessible.

News and Trends

It's Official: Mental Health Not a Taboo

With the proposed launch of National Tele Mental Health Programme, the Indian government has recognized the need to tackle the invisible enemy


Mental Health Taking Baby Steps In The Indian Market

As India is moving towards modernization, the mental health start-ups have been a source of light in the dark times for India. According to a report, the global behavioural health market size is projected to surpass from an estimated USD 140.01 Billion in 2019 to USD 242 Billion by the end of 2027.


3 Simple Steps to Keep You From Drowning in Collective Trauma

A few steps to consider that I learned throughout my journey as a coach handling high achievers and entrepreneurs.


Already Stressing in 2022? These 3 Body-Based Solutions Can Help Short-Circuit Your Anxiety.

When deep breathing and therapy don't work, there are additional avenues that have been proven to tackle this creativity killer.

Thought Leaders

How to Overcome Anticipatory Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

Anticipatory anxiety is common among entrepreneurs, but making some changes in our businesses and even our resumes can set the foundation for a great start.