How to Maintain Your Integrity While Keeping Up With a Rapidly Changing Environment

The CEO of the Los Angeles Tribune and author of The Moral Compass shares his thoughts on integrity-driven leadership.

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4 Ways Writing a Book Accelerated My Professional Career

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Why Success Doesn't Feel Like It Should and What To Do About It

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How to Become a Storytelling Entrepreneur (or 'Authorpreneur')

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7 Common Obstacles Aspiring Authors Face — and How to Overcome Them

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Author Fakes Suicide And Returns Two Years Later. Was It All a Marketing Ploy?

Romance writer Susan Meachen's family announced her death by suicide in 2020, but the author popped up on Facebook earlier this week. The book world is outraged.

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This Women-Powered Social Platform Is Revolutionizing the Way Authors Market Their Work

Only 2.3% of venture funding went to women-founded companies in 2020, but Allison Trowbridge beat the odds to found Copper and amplify authors' voices.


Yash Birla On The Spiritual Books That Shaped Him

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Christina Hawatmeh, the CEO and founder of Scopio, a community-based image marketplace, talks about her new book, 'The Year Time Stopped: The Global Pandemic in Photos' with Entrepreneur's Jessica Abo.

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Why Writing a Book is a Better Use of Your Time Than Yet Another "Invisible" Facebook Post

Many entrepreneurs think they don't have the time to write a book, yet waste precious minutes and hours scrolling social media and creating "invisible" posts. Writing a book is a much better use of your time and energy as a thought leader.


Authorpreneurs: You Need to Do This Before You Write Your Book

Most authors like to just jump into their book and let the creativity flow. But that's exactly what you shouldn't do.

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5 Business-Expanding Benefits of Collaborative Book Publications

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