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AI Is Transforming Drug Matching for Cancer, Rare Diseases — Here's How

One AI pharmaceutical startup works backward, starting from drugs already on the market.

Starting a Business

He Had a Side Hustle Driving for Uber When a Passenger Gave Him $100,000 — Now His Company Is On Track to Solve a Billion-Dollar Problem

Joshua Britton is the founder and CEO of Debut, a biotechnology company that's doing things differently.

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Biomaterials Startup altM Raises $3.5 Million Seed Funding Round

The startup plans to use these funds to bring forth an engineering- and manufacturing-driven lens to circularity and sustainability


Circa Biotech

Circa Biotech upcycles food waste into sustainable aviation fuel using industrial insect farming.

Science & Technology

Why Digital Biology Has the Power to Change the Game Across Industries

Is digital biology the next big thing?

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An 'Absolute' Revolution In Bioscience Sector

The company's vision is to build a thriving future for people and the planet by harnessing the power of nature, science and exponential innovation

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Zero Cow Factory Secures $4 Million In Seed Funding

With this funding, Zero Cow Factory will be able to accelerate their R&D efforts, scale up production capacity, and obtain regulatory approvals to hit the market

Science & Technology

What Biotechnology's Paradigm Shift Means for Businesses

Technology is transforming biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals, both in research and development and manufacturing.

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BioPrime Agrisolutions Raises INR 9 Crore In Pre-Series A Funding

The company aims to utilise the fund for their SNIPR biologicals registrations, advancing the discovery platform, building a strong IP portfolio, increasing production capabilities, and expansion

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How Cloud Agnostic Hardware Could be The Future of IoT

IoT is gaining popularity and can use the cloud for optimal data storage. What happens when cloud companies go out of business and shut down their IoT services?

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Government Announces 75 Amrit Grants For Biotech Startups Worth INR 10-15 Crore

Union minister Dr Jitendra Singh said that under this initiative, ambitious research ideas, high-risk, milestone-driven collaborative research for knowledge-based discoveries with broad demonstrable application from both academia and industry will be considered for support


La empresa matriz de TikTok apuesta por las ciencias de la vida con inversión en la startup biotecnológica Shuimu BioSciences

ByteDance invirtió en la startup de biotecnología Shuimu BioSciences, experta en descubrimiento de fármacos y usa cryo-EM e IA para proporcionar soluciones innovadoras y rentables.

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Piatrika Biosystems Raises $1.2 Million Seed Fund

The fund raised will be used to build strong product development team, for more profound research, and to accelerate the productionizing and commercialization of MVP

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Narendra Modi Inaugurates Biotech Startup Expo 2022

Prime minister said the country's first biotech startup expo is a reflection of the expansive growth of the biotech sector in the country which is also been considered as the land of opportunities in the biotech sector


The Pet Food Industry Is Rotten. It's Time for Entrepreneurs to Step Up.

By investing in biotechnology for pet food, we as entrepreneurs and business leaders can actually force the industry to change.