Starting a Business

This Is How Entrepreneurs Can Achieve Financial Fitness

Entrepreneurs aiming for financial fitness, akin to physical training, must focus on bootstrapping — a process of self-funding a business.

Starting a Business

Bootstrapping vs. Seeking Venture Capital — How to Decide the Best Avenue for Your Business

Funding your idea is one of the most crucial aspects of getting your business off of the ground. But what's the best option between bootstrapping and seeking venture capital?

Growing a Business

How I Bootstrapped to $100 Million Without Venture Capital Funding

How I grew my business without any VC funding — and how you can, too.


The Complete 10-Step Guide to Bootstrapping for Entrepreneurs

Unpack crucial principles, practical strategies and inspiring insights that make bootstrapping a financial choice and a transformative entrepreneurial journey.

Starting a Business

Why Founders Should Capitalise on the Freedom of Bootstrapping

That freedom will allow you to build a profitable business on your own terms.


Charlie Day: Always Sunny in Philadelphia Creator Says You Shouldn't Just 'Do What Makes You Happy'

The Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator and star tells Merrimack College graduates to create their own opportunities.

Starting a Business

In a World of Insane Valuations and Mega-Fundraising, Does Bootstrapping Still Matter?

Though venture capital-fueled unicorn companies make great headlines, there are key advantages for startups that go without external seed money.

Thought Leaders

How to Find the Right Mentor: Insights From an Immigrant Entrepreneur

Why empathizing with the unique challenges and perspectives of an immigrant business owner can be vital in an advisor, plus tips on finding the right one.


Cómo encontrar el mentor adecuado: ideas de un emprendedor inmigrante

Por qué empatizar con los desafíos y perspectivas únicos de un empresario inmigrante puede ser vital en un asesor, además de consejos para encontrar el adecuado.

Growing a Business

3 Marketing Dos and Don'ts for Maximizing Profit on a Bootstrapped Budget

If you don't have a working marketing strategy, you're just as likely to feel stuck with money as you do without it - and a few key strategies make all the difference.

Estrategias de crecimiento

3 pros y contras de marketing para maximizar las ganancias con un presupuesto limitado

Si no tiene una estrategia de marketing que funcione, es tan probable que se sienta atrapado con el dinero como sin él, y algunas estrategias clave marcan la diferencia.

Growing a Business

How to Bootstrap Your Way to a Debt-Free Company

If you can scale your expectations and business model to grow with revenue, you will increase your chances of building a debt-free company.

Estrategias de crecimiento

Cómo iniciar su camino hacia una empresa libre de deudas

Si puede escalar sus expectativas y su modelo de negocio para crecer con los ingresos, aumentará sus posibilidades de construir una empresa libre de deudas.

Starting a Business

Think You Need Venture Capital Backing to Start Your Business? Think Again.

Use this five-step guide to build your business on your terms.

Starting a Business

Why Seeking Out Investors Could Sabotage Your Business

Bootstrapping forces you to cut the fluff from day one.