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Starting a Business

Best Business Ideas With Low Investment

Establishing a small business can be the right decision if you want to do something exciting

Growth Strategies

How to Build a Global Business Out of India

Expanding your business overseas can be a herculean task but as they say patience and hard work always yield the best results

Growth Strategies

Why it is Important to Build Trust in Financial Services

Businesses win trust by offering not just what customers have come to expect as standard but beyond


How Franchisors Can Generate Brand Equity While Staying Competitive

In the fast-evolving franchising industry, numerous strategies are being applied to win the battle against slumping sales, being proactive in any economy


Marketing Techniques to Enhance Brand Building

We tell you, where you lack and where you can improve in your scheme of things


Why PRs & External Sources Are Important For Your Business

Setting up your business isn't a small feat


Nuances of The Indian Real Estate People Were Unaware of

Indeed, a roof over every Indian's head would be the most compelling deliverable for any Government to actually deliver


Things to Consider While Looking For a Franchise Supplier

In a franchise business, vendors play an essential role in building an organization.


How Indian Footwear Industry is Growing via Franchising

Being the second largest footwear industry in the world, it is accounting for approximately 9 percent of the global annual production.

Thought Leaders

4 Lessons This Entrepreneur Wishes She Could Have Taught Her Younger Self

Looking back sharpens your vision going forward.

Women Entrepreneur®

This Shepreneur's Brand Offers New-age, Natural & Grain Free Dog Food

The Hurdles in Pet Food Industry


How Refranchising Can Benefit All Key Players

Offering a win-win Situation


Why Young Education Franchisors Should Focus on Building a Network

With international education brands invading the country, India is becoming an education hub, inviting students and businessmen to create their career.

Growth Strategies

3 Key Methods to Make a Brand Stand Out

Be The One To Stand Out In The Crowd


Building a Formidable Brand Online

Digitization can be a huge boost to a business and expand the bandwidth of a venture in an unimaginable manner