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How Personal Brands Drive Business Success

People do business with people. As a startup, one of the strongest tools in your arsenal is your personal brand. Do potential clients and partners know who you are and what you stand for, and are you building the right relationships?


5 Ways to Build a Community Around Your Brand

There's a way to build your market without spending a fortune on advertising and marketing - and it's called community building. Here's why this should be the cornerstone of your growth strategy.

Growth Strategies

#10 Designing Tips for Brand Building in OOH Advertising

These 10 rules will help to make sure your billboard is memorable and lasts long in the OOH (Out Of Home) space


Building Your Personal Brand Where You Work

To avoid an employment crisis down the road, start doing simple, effective PR for yourself at the office, now.

News and Trends

How to Grow a Powerful Brand Through Podcast ?

The power of podcast lies in the fact that you can ask public figures to speak to your audience.

Women Entrepreneur™

How to Build Your Brand

Entrepreneur, speaker and marketing expert Daniella Shapiro recently launched a proudly South African skincare, beauty and lifestyle eCommerce platform called the Oolala Collection Club. Here's her advice for successfully marketing your start-up.

Starting a Business

5 Strategic Moves Startups Can Make to Build a Brand That Sticks

The strategic decisions that'll put your company ahead of the curve years from now need to be made beginning day one.


How This Entrepreneur is Dishing out Fresh Food to Households in South India

The journey has been built around the idea of assisting the homemakers by providing them with hand-made batter

Growth Strategies

How This Entrepreneur is Helping Businesses Build their Brands

For start-ups and businesses alike, she helps them create a brand name in the industry

Growth Strategies

6 Reasons Why Brand Purposing Outplays Positioning

The first thing that comes to mind while thinking of brand building is positioning


Building a Brand in India? #7 Things you Must Breathe as a Business

High-quality storytelling, laced with smart wit, works wonders and start-up brands can grow word-of-mouth!

Thought Leaders

The Power of Pancakes: Branding Starts With Tribes, Not Beta Tests

If you are building a brand, be sure to think about how you can piece together your tribe, then start today.


Using Technology to Deliver an Omni-channel Experience to Consumers

Organic growth has been the way of growth for Lenskart so far with current revenue looking at about $7 billion a month.

Growth Strategies

Marketing Helped Us to Become a Global Leader

Today, MDH has offices in Dubai and London and fares 40 to 50 products to around 100 nations.


How Uzma is Creating Space for Young Artists to Display their Work

Uzma has a varied area of interest including an art gallery, media buying, events management and most interestingly- tea.