How to Build Brand from Scratch We tell you how with the understanding of your own product and requirement of customers one can make a business impeccable

By Tanya Swetta

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Today, we live in a world bubbling with entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs with ideas that they hope they can soon turn into a reality. The millennials are a generation privileged with the perks of the internet that allows them to bring their professional dreams alive with great ease. While the opportunity to launch a business is much greater today, failing in this cluttered environment is equally easy.

One of the key factors in the success of a brand is its ability to carve its own niche and highlight it well to its users or customers. Some of the key factors entrepreneurs need to keep in mind while they launch their dream ventures are:

1. Know and understand your target audience - It is extremely important to understand your target audience to define your brand. Keeping in mind their demographics - age, gender, geographical location, income, education, occupation helps in creating the right messaging and positioning of your brand.

2. Know what sets you apart and stick to your vision - In order to give a distinct positioning to your brand, it is of utmost importance to identify what different are you offering your audience as compared to the competitors. It is also crucial to be completely aware of your competitor's activities and campaigns to have a better hold on the next moves. Having said that, it is necessary to keep in mind that doing an activity just to overcome competition doesn't work as today's customers are smart and with the growing digital media everything has become transparent. It is essential to understand your brand and what customers expect out of your brand.

3. Develop a strong key message for your target audience - Right messaging is very crucial for building a brand. Instead of confusing the customers with too many messages, giving out one key message increases the probability of brand recognition.

4. Define your brand's values - Defining your brand's values helps to have a better connect with your customers. Humans have emotions, positioning your brand as a supporter of that emotion and the values gives you the edge to strengthen your brand image. For Example: Being a brand supporting equal rights which is a topical issue, helps to connect with your customers.

5. Listen to your customers - The evolution of the digital revolution has made it easy to communicate with the customers. Taking regular feedbacks from your customers reduces the chances of any crisis and creates an image of a customer-oriented brand.

Following these few steps will assist your brand to create a one of a kind space for itself in the minds of the people and set up the underlying thought for your brand image. Building a brand's picture requires diligent work, keeping in mind the end goal to do it suitably one must be well versed with the market trends and blend the same within the brand's activities and campaigns.

Tanya Swetta

Founder & Joint Managing Director, id8 Media Solutions

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