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5 Best Budgeting Apps in 2023

Creating a budget is an essential part of financial stability. Here are the five best budgeting apps to help you get started.


How Employee Advocacy Can Help You Overcome the Challenges of Limited PR Budgets

How turning your employees into powerful advocates for your business can help you get the most out of your PR budget.


Why You Should Maintain (or Even Increase) Your Marketing Budget in a Recession

Contrary to popular belief, companies should maintain — or even increase — their marketing budgets during a recession.


Did the Finance Minister's Prediction Come True About Agritech In 2022

As per industry insights, India has received a total funding of $1.6 billion in agritech startups till 2021, making it the third largest country in the world with regard to agritech funding

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Finance Minister Concludes Pre-Budget Meetings For Union Budget 2023-24

The meetings were held in virtual mode between November 21 and November 28

Money & Finance

4 Budgeting Mistakes You Are Probably Making (and How to Avoid Them)

Budgeting can be challenging, and there are many pitfalls involved. Here are four common mistakes you should avoid making.

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Indian Firms Set To Increase Cybersecurity Budget: PwC Survey

The survey reported that 65 per cent of the business executives feel cyber criminals will significantly affect their organization in 2023 compared with 2022


3 Common Mistakes That Are Inflating Your Marketing Budget

One important measure of marketing efficiency, so many variables to choose from. Your profitability and cash flow depend on making the right choices.


It's Easy to Cut Your Marketing Budget in a Rocky Economy — But That's a Bad Idea. Here's How to Save Money on Your PR Strategy.

Slashing your marketing budget won't help your business, it'll slowly kill it. Here's how to work with your marketing or PR agency to reduce costs while maintaining your competitive edge.

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Getting Married? Here's How to Merge Your Complex Assets

Have you talked with your partner about big financial assets, like property and large stock portfolios? Here's what you need to do before you say "I do."

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Why Some Experts Say Budgeting Doesn't Help You Build Wealth. Have You Fallen into the Budgeting Trap?

What's the common answer to "How do I manage my money?" Budgeting. But why? Whoever said, "I budgeted my way to $1 million?" Let's explore the downsides to budgeting and...

Thought Leaders

5 Goals New Product Prototype Development Will Help You Achieve

To successfully launch a new product, you need to pay special attention to product development and manufacturing. Here's what prototyping teaches about making the best product possible.

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Govt Increases Allocation Towards Education By Around INR 8,000 Cr In FY22

The government has earmarked INR 93,224 crore for education-compared with revised figure of INR 85,089 for FY21-which includes INR 38,350.65 crore for higher education and INR 54,873 crore for school education

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Here's What the Logistics Sector Expects From the Union Budget

The logistics sector was praised for its undeterred spirit during the lockdown


Expectations From the Education Sector

The budget allocation for the education sectors should be increased by at least 9-10 per cent compared with the previous year