How to Host Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget

With some planning and creativity, you can still host a delicious, comfort-filled feast with all the fixings, while keeping costs low.

How to Get a Fresh Look at Your Finances: Because "That's the Way I've Always Done It" is a Silent Killer

Business owners shun the words, "Because we've always done it that way," and investors should, too. Here's why.

Melissa Brock

Got Only Long-Term Investments on the Brain? Hold up. Here's Why You Should Plan for Short-Term Investments as Well

If you're a planner, you may worry more about your long-term investments than your short-term investments. Here's why you need to consider short-term investments, too.

Melissa Brock

Why Some Experts Say Budgeting Doesn't Help You Build Wealth. Have You Fallen into the Budgeting Trap?

What's the common answer to "How do I manage my money?" Budgeting. But why? Whoever said, "I budgeted my way to $1 million?" Let's explore the downsides to budgeting and...

Melissa Brock

Tired of Watching Prices Rise? Here's How You Can Beat Inflation on Your Own

Ready to take inflation into your own hands? (Things are so darn expensive right now!) Here's how you can tackle it.

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Are You Mapping Your Money? Here's What it is and Why You Should Do It

Ever heard of money mapping? Nope, you've probably just heard about budgeting. Learn about what it is and why you want to do it.

Melissa Brock

How to Create a Home-Based Business Without a Product or Service

Use these four stops to create a home-based business that's not only lucrative and stable, but does not require the creation of a product or service.

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6 Ways to Give Your New Business a Head Start

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7 Financial Strategies for Business Owners Who Want to Live the Good Life

Working for yourself? These strategies will bring you financial freedom so you can run a thriving business while still doing the things you love.

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How a Cash-Only Budget Could Be the Breakthrough Your Small Business Needs

If you've attempted to budget without success, it's time to give the cash-only approach a try.

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How to Digitally Disrupt on a Tight Budget

Don't let finances be the deciding factor in your company's digital transformation.

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