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How to Plan Your Non-Fiction Book in 5 Steps

Have you decided to write a non-fiction book? Or are you just entertaining the idea of becoming an author?


How to Promote Your Book Through Podcast Interviews and Guest Posts

Podcast interviews and guest blog posts offer effective book promotion opportunities by allowing authors to connect with niche, invested audiences.

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9 Research Tips Every Nonfiction Author Needs to Know

Thorough research is crucial to writing authoritative nonfiction books. By investing substantial time in comprehensive research using credible sources, authors can back up their perspectives and narratives persuasively.

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How to Craft an Attention-Grabbing Book Title That Actually Sells

Your book title is the first thing readers see, so it must instantly capture attention and convey what the book is about.

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10 Simple Ways to Score Media Coverage for Your Book

Media coverage can greatly amplify a book launch, but pitching effectively is key to getting press.

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8 New Best-Selling Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read to Improve Their Health and Wellness

These books revolve around longevity, offering new approaches in medicine to help prevent chronic illness, lose weight, minimize stress and live a more fulfilling life.

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How to Set the Price of Your Book to Maximize Royalties

With strategic thinking and ongoing refinement, you can determine pricing that generates high royalty income by aligning with your book's market positioning and sales aspirations.

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How to Find The Right Publisher For Your Book

Choosing the right publisher is critical for an author to successfully bring their book to market.

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Book Covers Are Making a Comeback — Here's Why Entrepreneurs Should Take Note

Driven by visual social media and digital reading innovations, book cover design is reclaiming significance.


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Are Multi-Author Books Just Scams? Here's What You Need to Know

Here is some background so you can decide if joining a multi-author book is right for you.

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4 Books for Entrepreneurs Looking to Break the Mold

Four new books for entrepreneurs taking the road less traveled and loving every minute of it.

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How to Start an eCommerce Business Step By Step

The 'Ultimate Guide To Shopify' is an all-in-one resource to help you start and run your own online business.

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4 Books for Entrepreneurs Seeking to Challenge the Status Quo

The easiest path isn't always the best. These four books help entrepreneurs challenge themselves and build a bolder future.