Business Finance

How does managing my personal finances affect my mental health?

Poor income management can lead to stress, sadness, anguish and, in the worst case, suicide.

What happens to my company's debt if I am in an overdue portfolio?

Everything you need to know about the past due portfolio and how it affects your company.

What should I take into account if I want to request a loan for my company?

We will provide you with some 'highlights' so that you know what you need if you are considering applying for a loan for your business.

Did you know that there are tax deductible insurance?

Here we tell you which are those that you can deduce as a physical and moral person.

The entrepreneur's dilemma: growth or profitability

This combination of growth and profitability can become scarcer than a unicorn itself.

The 4 basics of financial analysis for startups

The question is how you should spend the money to avoid falling into the statistic of companies dying along the way.

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The secrets of women entrepreneurs to have good finances

We teach you to see the not-so-dark side of finance in women-led ventures.


Challenges don't solve themselves: take care of your team

Stock options are a very powerful tool - and in this specific period - very valuable to reward the talent of teams.

Rodrigo Segal

How to choose a business credit card?

With a growing offering of financial products, it is important to stop and study each one to determine which is the best option for your business.


What is 'friendly fraud' and why can it kill your business?

Friendly fraud is a form of chargeback fraud, which is what happens when money is returned to a payer.

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